Any advice?

So I just got a temporary CGM for a week thingy. It's to help us figure out patterns, etc. And advice? I know nothing about these things. She said I have to stay within 5 ft of it for it to transmit and I'm officially feeling fat with my pump and an even bigger CGM thing on my waist. Also where she inserted it the "shrink wrap" type tape is annoying me. Whenever I bend over I can feel it stretch and it doesn't feel good.

But all worth it for figuring out what is going on. :)

I hate wearing the CGM, so I only wear it about once a month. Do stay within a decent distance or you will lose your signal. If you wear the CGM long enough, you'll get used to it and the tape that goes over it. I don't know what you're using, but I always use IV3000 over mine and it works just fine.

As far as the 5 foot thing is concerned, it probably depends on whether you have a Medtronics or a Dexcom. I don't know anything about the Medtronics CGM, but for the Dexcom, if the receiver doesn't receive a signal from the transmitter every 5 minutes you just get a blank space instead of a dot on the graph. If this keeps happening, after a while there will be an alarm. If you can somehow figure out when the transmission occurs, you then have almost 5 minutes of freedom before you need to get the transmitter and receiver within 5 feet again.