Any athletes out there? I need your help!

I joined soccer this year and it's my first year in a sport, besides rodeo. Today before practice, my bloodsugar was 106. I ate a nutrigrain bar. During practice, my bg was 74. I ate 4 tablets of glucose, sat out, and my bg went up to 122. I started to practice again and during the water break, I was 188. This was at about 5:00. I got home at 6:15 and tested for supper, and I was 324! I have a pump but I take it off during practice. On the first day of practice, my bg was also in the 300s after practice. I don't really want to put my pump on during practice or do a bolus or anything before because I've gotten low at 2 out of 4 practices so far. Do you have any suggestions?

I had issues with this too, when I started sports. I just talked with my doc. and he helped me work out a program for it!

I also had this issue. My doctors told me the high blood sugar after practice had to do with adrenaline. But like "diabeticandproud" said... just talk to your doctor about it and come up with a plan. You'll get it all figured out in no time :]

Do talk to your doctor, but here are a few things that I found helpful.  If you are going low during practice, you may need a higher than normal bg before starting.  My endocrinologist recommended a bg closer to 200 than 100mg/dl before I began practice (I ran cross country and some practices were ~10 miles, don't know what you're doing).  You may need to eat before practice too.  I would also be cautious about rejoining practice after experiencing a low.  In terms of after exercise high bg, be careful when you bolus.  I would run 300s and 400s and after taking the appropriate insulin crash 30 minutes later after I calmed down.

My daughter plays hockey and she's had a few lows, especially when practices are after meal times.  So we've tried to make sure that she eats 2-3 hours before a practice or game so that she doesn't have too much of her meal bolus still on board.  She always tests 30 min. before to make sure her bg is high enough and always has a banana on hand if needed at that time.  Games have been tricky at times because of the added excitement and adrenaline where her bg tends to go high as the game progresses - for games she will take an extra unit with her meal but still checking 30 min. before.  I wouldn't recommend doing this without checking with a professional because it could be dangerous but it works for her and she always does the check 30 min. before.  She also wears her pump during exercise and doesn't seem to go high after her sports, she has a velcro band that she wears around her waist.  Good luck Morgan - figuring it out can be a pain but the benefits are worth it!

yeah that's a problem 4 me 2! i do swimming, soccer, basket ball, track, tennis, and more! so...what i do is b4  a practice i eat a snack like a granola bar or peanut butter crackers and  a juice box and bolus for half of it and then keep my pump works!

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I usually drink juice or gatorade while I exercise.  It's a little trickier to do this when you are doing an organized sport.  I find that if I snack before I exercise, then I drink the juice during (just like one juice box over an hour, you could maybe drink half right before practice, and see how your bs is at water break and drink the other half then depend on your bs).  I don't use a pump, but if you are going high after practice you could maybe give yourself a small bolus (I would start off really small to start...) right after you practice.  That's awesome you rodeo too, what events do you do?

I did soccer last year, and I never took off my pump except for games.  I would set a temporary basal rate, though, and drink gatorade to keep from going low.  Hard exercise for an extended period of time also has a delayed effect on blood sugar, so it's important to set a temp basal during the night, too. 

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I talked to my doctor and we changed some stuff on my pump, but it only seems to work part of the time. I was 191 after practice the other day, but the next day will be terrible. But at the game on Friday(only the second game of the season!), I sprained my knee so I won't be practicing for a while.