Any Canadians out there? lets talk eh

no offense to Americans.  but it would be nice to talk to some Canadians on this site eh

Someone already beat you to it...


Hi I'm here in Waterloo, Ont.  just a lovely Spring day

I just tried Kim,s post and it came up access denied so ...

I think you need to join the "Find A Friend" group in order to view it.

Hi Bruce, where in Canada are you???


Hi Carol, I'm in Kitchener =)  ...and it IS beautiful out, too bad I was stuck inside at work all day.

I can't even find the "Find-a-friend" group... lol!

Ok, nevermind... I found it ...sheesh's been a long day =)

i live in mississauga.  and work at the airport.

i am in mississauga

thanks for the link.  how do i join?