Any Canadians out there

this may be an American site, but are there any Canadians out there???  i am from Toronto. 

yup there are a bunch of us <- general canada one <- toronto

I am from US, however I know there are numerous Canadians on this site. If you look at the posts at the link below you should be able to find several Canadians EAH!!! :) I love the movie Strange Brew.

Hi Bruce,

Kitchener here :)

Hey Bruce,

our canadian pride is defentily here and very present. I'm in halifax NS


"If it's true that we are whate we eat, then I must be fast, easy & cheap" -- Barbara Johnson

I'm from Montreal but I live in Ottawa 4 days a week.

Winnipeg, MB!! :)



I'm from Alberta!!

We're in Alberta too!!!

I live in Pierrefonds (Montreal) Quebec!  Glad to see there's a few folks from Montreal here - we'll have to meet up one day!


Im from Belleville Ontario!

BC !!!!

There's a strong rumour floating around the site that you can colour me Canadian as well.  If ya know what I'm talkin' aboot.

Manitoba represent!