Any diabetic help here

Good morning my name is John and I just joined this group in Hope’s someone out thier is willing to give advice or willing to help with some supplies that I’m in Dire need of since my insurance is not willing to cover anything for me and I dont Qualify for Medicaid. My in need of g5 senors and tandem infusion sets. I’ve been using what I have over and over and the areas I put them in are getting infected. Help I need help. And God bless

@Jmaestas505 John, are you saying your insurance refused to cover? Have you appealed? A bunch of samples and handouts will only delay the inevitable.

You can follow this link

Go to the bottom and you can call tandem for samples. You can also get samples at your Endo office sometimes.

Good luck

That is a benefit they will no longer cover and I have already.