Any fellow illustrators out there?

Hey all! my name is Natalie, I’m 18 and a college freshman art student. I have been scribbling on walls and the backs of my parents’ bill since I can remember. I am no currently in the field of illustration and digital media. I have a deep love for anything vintage, bohemian, and turquoise. I love drawing animals and people, mixing colors, using strange contrast. I also love telling stories with my art. The more emotion, the better! :slight_smile:

These are a couple of my recent doodlings.

Hi Nathalie. I like your work. You are really talented at portraits. Can’t tell if these are paper or pixel or both? I have been an artist for most of my 49 years on earth. I have had Type 1 since I was 8. I work mainly in collage. My gallery page on Facebook is called Golmant Gallery. Just started A Tumblr site called Artists Asylum…I haven’t figured out the best way to use it yet but my 20 year old has helped a bit. Welcome! I’m new here too.

I’ve been doing freelance illustration for some time now, and drawing since I could hold a pencil. I love the first image, are you interested in mostly children’s illustration? Or still finding your niche?
RuthG, I looked up you pages! Very cool :slight_smile: