Any helpful hints

My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed a little over a month ago. She's very young, she just turned 4 this week. We're really struggling with the shots, most of the time. I've tried to be firm, I've tried to explain, I've tried to distract. Currently she will only accept shots in her thighs, because she says she has to see it. It's world war III four times a day, and it's just miserable for everyone involved from my daughter, to my husband, even our younger daughter is clearly off, and well of course I am no fan of the way it's going. 

When we first brought her home from the hospital I figured out it was the anticipation that really bothered her so I learned to get her doing something else while I prepared the shot. This worked great, and she was wonderful about taking them. Then she hit her honeymoon and had a stomach bug that prevented her from eating almost anything, and with several lows she got very few shots. It's like she now thinks she shouldn't need them or something. 

I'm just wondering how others have dealt with this, and if anyone has any advice on any tricks to help us. I expect at some point we will look at the pump but we are definitely not ready for that at this time.


Thank you so much! 

Hi there!  This post got me curious, so I asked my mom what I was like. I was diagnosed at age four. My mom states that I thought the finger sticks hurt more; she said I didn't like to watch the injections, so I would turn away and I hated the syringe by itself, so we ordered an Eject Ease, which didn't hurt as much, for some reason. She said my favorite place to be injected was the deltoid. She used a "sticker chart" ; for every injection we did where I did not cry or complain, I got a sticker. After so many stickers, I would get a "prize" like a new Barbie. Around Halloween, I would go trick or treating, and in exchange for my candy, I would get money. Hope this helps..

Awesome idea. We did something similar when potty training. Did it tonight, and it worked perfect. We decided 20 stickers equals a night out at her favorite dinner place- Wendys. Which we probably do once a week any way, and this way it will be a reward. She was so excited. Thanks for the great idea. 

No problem :) My mom said it worked best for me when I was that little. Glad we could help!