Any new yorkers out there?

hey all,

just wondering if there's any new yorkers on the site.


If you brows through the responses at:

It seems as though there are quite a few from NY...  Our fearless leader/moderator/champion, Gina is up that way, me thinks...



I am ... I live in Queens, though my lease is up and I may be relocating elsewhere (probably nearby) in March.

A-D is correct I am from New York. Where are you from?

I mean where in New York, I obviously know you are from New York lol

I'm from Long Island, Seaford to be exact. and i work in Great Neck.

I'd like to start some kind of meetup thing if anyone is interested. I've looked on the and joined their type 1 group but they're meetups are alway in the city and never on a good day/time for me. not to mention they hardly schedule them.

Hey! I'm from Long Island NY..Elmont...I'd definitely join in on that meet up if it works out : )

I'm from long island too. I live in west islip. I think a meet up group is a great idea. I don't know anyone else with type1.