Any of the girls super affected by their hormones every month?

Hey guys! I’m just wondering if I’m not the only female type 1 diabetic that is super affected by her hormones. Every month I have to change my insulin settings several times to accommodate my rising blood sugar levels due to it being that time of the month!

Hi Leanna @LeeleeDJ! You are not the only one. Lucky us, increased estrogen during ovulation and PMS means more insulin resistance. I have to increase my basal by 6 units during those times. I feel like it is a back and forth adjustment. :slightly_smiling_face:

I used to think I wasn’t but after wearing my cgm I totally am! The week before is the worst for me and I definitely have to be more diligent the 3-5 days before about giving myself more insulin. Strangely the week of I use less and go low more :woman_shrugging:t3: Just fun being a girl!

Oh thank you so much! I’m so happy to know that it’s common! I mean, it’s not good but I’m happy that I’m not the only one! I was thinking maybe a birth control might help, but not being sexually active it would seem like such a nuisance! Thank you ladies SO much!!

Hello @LeeleeDJ The answer is yes, I have to take more insulin and eat fewer carbs and exercise more when I PMS and am ovulating. The week before is absolutely awful and even working with my doctor to combat them, I usually still have at least 3 days of high blood sugars before. Hormones are wacky!! Then when I get my period, I have to immediately back off my insulin because then I go low. Good luck!!

Hey girl, yeah, this part totally sucks but can’t do anything except push forward! Thank you so much and good luck!!!

Yeah I have the same thing because it is really hard because the week before SHE comes that is when my blood sugar shoots to the moon! Like at 380! Although when SHE does come my blood sugar does nothing it just stays in the high 100’s but as soon as I get off the week after my blood sugar goes crazy again IDK what it is I just know it is what it is. LOL good luck.