Any one else have a child with T1D & Asthma?

Our daughter is 8 and has had asthma since she was 2, then she was diagnosed with T1D 21 months ago. Her asthma is viral triggered and it follows the same pattern most of the time. Runny nose, 2 days later severe asthma (needs to take oral steroids). She does not wheeze, she can go from running/singing to belly breathing a few hours later despite being on Advair and Singular daily, then Albuterol/Atrovent as soon as she gets cold like symptoms. She ends up needing oral steroids for about 5-10 days to help her airways open up. We all know how well steroids and diabetes work together! She just started pump therapy a month ago. So we are very new to using the pump and this last time we increased her temp basal while on steroids. Her average stayed in the lower 200’s, which is way better than when she was using pens. We will need to work more with her Dr. to hone in her diabetes care while on steroids.

Looking to see if anyone else has a child who battles both asthma, which requires steroids, and diabetes and might have some advice. Our daughter is AMAZING, she battles both and rarely complains. It is easy for us to draw our strength from her. As a parent, the asthma/diabetes days are tough it is a diabetic sick day plan with nebulizers every 2 hours too…many sleepless nights.

Thanks for any help!!

My 5 year old son also has asthma. He was diagnosed about 4 months ago and we haven’t had an asthma episode since diagnosis,so I don’t have any advice but wanted to let you know you’re not alone!

His is also triggered by virus and follows the same pattern you mentioned - runny nose for 2 days, and then breathing trouble. He is on singulair and qvar daily. We start albuterol as soon as the runny nose starts.

I may be asking you for advice in the future. I hope you get a helpful response:-)