Any one ever done this

Okay so I'm sapoused to be up at 8am to check, and eat break-fest, (even in the summer...-__-) Because the doctor said I should be on a schedule. (break-fest 8AM lunch 12PM, dinner 5:30PM) So one day my alarm didnt go off , and my parents are at work and my cousin was in his room, it was 12:30 I ate lunch and pretended it was like break-fest, took my break-fest shot and everything, All day my blood was between 100-180 what is really good for me... I've been doing this every day and making up a number for morning should I continue doing this (Not like it matters, school starting soon) or should have I even done this at all...?  

Well, in a perfect world, you shouldn't have done this, and you probably shouldn't do it every day, but the world isn't perfect and nor are we.  I would be lying if I said that I didn't do this sometimes over the summer, or a lot of times...  I will tell you that you can get tighter control and more consistent readings with a more consistent schedule.  For me, it was harder because I take lantus in the morning to cover my lunch, so if I woke up late and took my insulin at lunch, I would have to compensate for the missed meal through extra snacks or an extra meal.

I know it is hard, but you should really try to break the habit.  At least compromise, say you decide to wake up a little earlier, and try to work it back.  And I know how hard it is, but getting to bed at a decent time helps too (says me, typing this at 12:12 in the morning...).  Just make sure you're safe.

I know I've made many bad choices and plenty of mistakes as far as things go but the only problem with making up a number and just pretending  it's okay is that the doctor can't fix it if he or she doesn't know it's going on. I know for me I hate looking and seeing that I have a high blood sugar. I hate seeing those numbers. But if you're high at breakfeast then the doctor needs to know so it can be fixed. Especially since that means you're going all night long being high.

Well, I'm on that schedule too :)  If you are waking up at lunch time start with your lunch time dose :)

It helps a bit to get an insulin pump. You have more freedom concerning what and when you eat that way. I use the animus, and I thought it was an improvement over shots! I wish I had gotten one sooner, but I was afraid of getting one... I was a bit on the hemophobic side, never a fan of blood!

Oh, the irony! XD

Yes but the thing is, I dont take a insulin at lunch, so if I take no insulin, my blood will be threw the roof's at dinner!

My parents used to make me do that too!! I hated getting up so early...But then my doctor told them that it was compeletly unnecessary and I could sleep in! Huzzah! :P