Any recommendations

My son needs to get on a CGBMS and I am curious to hear some feedback from anyone that has used one of the 4 models that are currently in the market place.

They all claim to be the best but I would feel more comfortable with actual real evidence.

I used the dexcom. I stopped using it about a year and a half ago, and keep meaning to get back on it, but haven't. (I know you all are sicking of hearing me say that! lol)

I thought it's accuracy was good compared to my meter results. But, I had problems with losing the signal, esp in the night if I turned over. It would go through 2 day periods where it would get very angry with me and give strange signals all the time. The 1-800 "help" number was good though for problems. Honestly, I chose it b/c it was the cheapest and insurance wasn't yet paying for them a couple of years ago.

I have used both the Dexcom and the Medtronic CGMS. They are both solid pieces of technology. The Medtronic at times was a little less accurate for me, the needle for the insertion process was a little thicker and could be a little painful at times, not often but it still did happened, and the transmitter is a little bulkier compared with the Dexcom.

The Dexcom while I think it is the better CGMS has its own faults. While it is smaller and more compact the functions of data you get is less than the medtronic offers. With the Dexcom you can see the trend graphs and see roughly where numbers were, but if I wanted to know what my reading was at 7:00 this morning I could not see it other than as a mark on the trend graph. If I had the medtronic I could scan back and see what the actual reading was that they came up with at that time.

It just depends on what you are looking for wand what your insurance would cover or if it is out of pocket. I have a review in my blog that offers a little more info if you want it.