Any t1d in to dirtbikes?

any other t1d’s that are into dirtbikes or off road stuff? or even street bikes

Yup. Currently ride a KTM250 off-road and a R1200GSA on/off-road.

nice!!! i currently have a 17 ktm 150sx, a 18 ktm450sxf and a 17 hayabusa, grew up riding two wheels and love it!!!

Coleman CT200U a trail 196cc.

You bet! Been T1 for 44 years and riding for 30. Currently have '15 BMW K1300s and '01 K1200rs–love long trips.

Yes, I have type one for close to 43 years and currently ride a 2017 Harley Davidson Fat Bob…been riding for about 8 years. I wear a CGM and carry a bottle of glucose tablets in my saddle bags.

I second the CGM and glucose tabs. The CGM displayed on my phone or iWatch has saved my backside several times during the heat of the summer (ATGATT) when perception and awareness is dampened.