Any Type 1 Diabetics in Portland, Oregon And Type One Diabetic Camp Reunion (you don’t have to have gone to the camp) if your Diabetic your in

Hello, I’ve been a T1D for 43 years now, I’m looking for T1D’s who have also had it a long time.

Also, I went to Diabetic Camp in Southern California from 1981-87 and we just had our first Reunion last August. Our next reunion is August 2nd-5th at Camp Conrad Chinook near Big Bear, CA
Anyone who is Diabetic or has kids with Diabetes can attend. You don’t have to have gone to the camp, if your Diabetic or have kids, you are more then welcome to attend. The camp feeds us, there’s fun activities, every family gets their own side of a cabin. The cabin has a bathroom showers are elsewhere on camp property. Each cabin holds 12 people max.
If your Solo there’s a staff lodge for people that come alone.
Cost: $115 per Adult
$80 per child under 12

Well, I hope this gets out there.

Camp is a awesome place for kids to learn and share their experiences. As Adults it’s a place where we as Diabetics can get together with people that share the same issue in life, and become a ongoing Diabetic family.
I just joined Type One Nation
I hope to hear from you soon if your interested in knowing more.

Thank you