Any women struggling with hairloss?

Is hair loss common among t1d women? I was diagnosed with t1d at age 12. By age 15 i noticed slight thinning that was not noticeable by anyone and it wasnt enough to make me lack confidence. My hair was very full and curly and a part of my identity. At age 26 im now noticing my hair falling at an increasing rate over the past 3 years. It looks very unhealthy and thin, especially at the crown of my hairline. I have thyroid antibodies but no thyroid disorder yet. My a1c is at a 7.8, not perfect but not too alarming. Last endo told me that it’s diabetes related and to accept it, but i want to hear from others.

Same for me. Diagnosed at 11, I am now 33. It wasn’t as bad back then as it is now. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid, so the meds help, but my hair is still super thin. I take daily biotin to help. Not much else to do though.

Have you checked in to PCOS (polycycstic Ovarian syndrome) at all?

I was diagnosed at 13 and aeound Christmas time my hair started to thin. So i went to a doctor and they said i have non scarring alopecia. The doctor had said that having an auto immune disease could possibly trigger other diseases.

Same with me… I had thick hair and now it’s super thin post diagnosis.

I tried biotin… didn’t help much

Dr said they think it was stress related

I am only 17 but I noticed I lose more hair than normal. People said it was just a phase though. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only t1d who deals with this!

Be sure to speak to your Diabetes provider and dermatologist. I don’t know if hair loss is common for Type 1. I am older than you so my experience may not be the same. I’ve been using Minoxidil 5% for women and Viviscal tablets. They have both helped me a lot.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 at 59 five years ago. Before my diagnosis, although there were no noticable clumps of hair falling out my hair went from very thick and fine to almost non existant and fine.

Once diagnosed and under control (A1C hovers around 6), my hair came back to the same thickness and growth speed. My hairdresser says she has noticed hair thinning in a lot of her Type 2 clients. I am assuming since the hair follicles are supplied by small blood vessels they have been affected by the diabetes.

It is a topic not well researched, and certainly not talked about.

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It would be good to talk with your doctor. Aleopecia is a hair-loss condition and autoimmune issue. Since T1D are susceptible to autoimmune disorders, you should check with your professional.


I have forwarded this to my hairdresser. I happened to have and appt today and talked to her about it. She is pretty wamped right now, but will get back to you soon about her thought on equipment, my hair etc.


I too was diagnosed at age 12, turning 60 this month and I have always shed hair more than normal. I’ve had my thyroid checked, all normal. I’m told it the natural hair growth cycle. My shower drain says otherwise. The only time my hair stopped shedding was during pregnancy. I have always had a lot of hair, it’s thinned out tremendously but If I complain about it I don’t get any sympathy because I still have more hair than most. I stopped worrying about it.

I was diagnosed in March 2019. Leading up to my diagnosis, I was losing way more hair than I ever had before. It was alarming!

Since beginning treatment for my T1D, I have also started taking a B vitamin complex. I have noticed increased thickness on the sides of my head (I can no longer see my scalp when my hair is pulled back). While my ponytail and braids are still whimpy in comparison to how they used to be, I have noticed I am not losing as much hair. Back to shedding an “average” amount–for me, at least!

All levels normal including iron. I chalk it up to one of the many idiosyncrasies of life with T1D

I have lost so much hair! I take loads of supplements to help it grow back. But as soon as i stop the supplements, it falls oit again. So i take supplements now permanently! I am ao deficiant from so many vitamins and minerals. I have a malabsorption problem due to t1d and thyroid disease. So i take biotin, calcium. Vit E, Vit D3, potassium, triple magnesium, Iron, coQ10, Evening primorose, and a women’s multivitamin. My Eyebrows are finally growing back!! My hair has a ways to go though from my last bought with mega hairloss