Anybody here diagnosed later in life?

I was just diagnosed in April of this year at 46 years old. Feeling many of the same things as you. I agree that my greatest fatigue comes with high blood sugars and right now my sugar isns to still all over the place. Going for pump training tomorrow. We’ll see how that helps bg level and in turn energy level. I will post how this goes and if I start feeling better.


Good luck with your pump I hope it helps you keep your sugars more stable but they are not perfect I hope you’re getting a continuous glucose monitor in system as well.

When my Bloodsugars get too high I also get very fatigued. I noticed it if they go over 250 I start feeling stiff and my muscles.

Maybe it’s due to dehydration because I’m peeing so much?

For those of you like me who were also diagnosed later in life, I have a few questions:

Does anyone else in your family have this disease?
Did you go on insulin right away?
If not, how long were you able to manage without it?
How long did the weight loss continue, and do you recall when it started?

My entire story is in my profile info but my high level details are this: 44 year old caucasian female. Diagnosed as T1 in April at 43, incorrectly diagnosed at 43 as T2, metformin 2x a day. I was at 1x a day when diagnosed as T2. No insulin yet.


Hi Katrina,
I was diagnosed with LADA in November, 2013 at age 55. What a surprise. Exercise and eating well were my mantra! I feel REALLY lucky that I was diagnosed as T1 from the beginning and found a great endo right away. After a year, I am eating a low carb diet and walking every day. My endo had me go on Lantus in October, just 2 units. I am looking for folks in the same boat to commiserate with, learn from, etc.

I was diagnosed with LADA at 55, in 2013. I don’t have anyone with diabetes in my family. I went 10 months before going on 2 units of Lantus by eating a low carb diet and walking daily. I did not have any weight loss since I caught it after just a couple of weeks of symptoms.
Good luck!

Yes, I was diagnosed just last December 2013 with T1D at the age of 66. It was a real shock since I have always been fit and lead an extremely healthy lifestyle. Six months prior to my diagnosis, I was faced with a family tragedy and this may have triggered the disease. I noticed I was losing weight rapidly and always thirsty. I was diagnosed when I scheduled an appointment to see my doctor. I had a cold and she ran some blood work.There is no family history on either side of my family so this was a real surprise. It has now been a little over a year and I have now finally accepted my new lifestyle but I am always battling with high and low BS. I was on the pump for 6 months but was not happy with all the technology so I am now back on manual injections. I feel I have better control. I have a great support team of endocrinologists, nurses and nutritionists to help support me.

I am 38 years old and was diagnosed last year 2 weeks after a horrific car accident. I had several test prior to my accident because I wasn’t feeling good and having anxiety attacks…they actually ran a diabetic panel then and it was negative for diabetes…during my accident I had trauma to my upper abdominal area so much so the trauma doctor’s kept evaluating that area but couldn’t find anything…now the trauma is all linked to my car accident …I realized something was wrong 2 weeks after my accident when I woke up and literally could not see my own face in the mirror…very scary …from there the tests were run that I am now a type 1 diabetic.the 1st 6 months I did injections which did not work ,my sugar stayed around 450-500 daily and I went to work at the hospital like this…I finally got the pump and my sugar varies but stays high around 180 to 200…but I have several times my sugar goes down and I end up going hypoglycemic around 70 my Endo told me it’s because my body is constantly high and not used to the lows…I have a dexcom which is a blessing and recently started working out… it’s been a very rough rode getting one infection after another but starting to let up. I would love to hear everyone else’s story and possibly some words of advice:)