Anybody on I have a?

I just checked Riley and she was below 70. So I got her to drink juice and she is back to sleep. When I go check her again in 15 min do I have to make her eat something? I tried looking it up first one page said eat one said eat as normal. She does not normally eat at 2 a.m. So I am not sure what to do.

Hi Jessica.

I'm sorry nobody answered you in time. If it was me I would not have made Brandan eat anything unless he was still below 70. I can't get him to drink enough juice at one time so I give him a pack of fruit snacks to correct his lows, day or night, and if he ever didn't come back up I would give him a second pack. For future reference; after Brandan's BG goes up to range I encourage him to eat a snack and cover it with insulin. It helps him to not rebound so high later.

You're already doing so great and you'll eventually learn what works best for you and your daughter. Best wishes.

She was at 114 after the juice so I ended up having her drink a glass of milk. I could hardly get her to wake up cause she was up past midnight. Her cousins were over and her brothers got up and started dancing and singing at midnight so I am guessing that might be why. So far her other two lows happened at lunch time so at 2 a.m. I just wasnt sure what to do.

grr 57 this morning. Is this going to be the start of the "honeymoon" phase? We just got her numbers down into normal now they are dropping below normal to often for my comfort. So I juiced her and we are waiting 15 to retest. I think its already coming up tho cause her cat is laying on her face and she is reacting to it well. Giggling at him which is normal and trying to push him off. She was sleeping when I tested her so yeah all she wants to do is eat and she has to wait.

You may want to contact your diabetes team about adjusting her base insulin since she's going low like that.

you can try O.J again - anything with sugar. It doesn't necessarly have to be food.Also those glucose tabs  


yeah she isnt on any of the fast acting today because she was below 130. She has been having us not call in the mornings and just giving us ranges the night before. I am sure it will all be lowered tonight when my hubby calls. I should have just called myself this morning to see if we should lower the nph for the day or not blah. Oh well live and learn.

what is odd about the honeymoon phase is that the numbers can stay pretty stable. You get to a point where you think there is nothing wrong becasue they eat and take very little insulin to compensate. Then the honeymoon is over and real bounces began. If she was up late and having a good time dancing and jumping around that is like execise and exercise lowers the BG. 

yeah could have been just that but she said she was just laying down while her brothers danced but she was up late so I dont know just guessing at this point. Now she is playing the wii right after being low and eating but she is sitting while she plays. I wish I could see in her body and just know what is going on.

Last night she had 13 nph and 7 log which she has been on for a while now at least a week. This morning 25 nph and no log she was at .5 for a while but yeah I still dont get the dosing. I cant wait to get more educated on this part of it.