Anybody sick of Nick Jonas?

Is it just me or does Nick Jonas make life with diabetes worse? I mean I bet 70% of people who here diabetes think of Nick Jonas and the other 30% think fat man with a beard (Wilferd Berimly). Anyway I am so sick of hearing how everyone loves. Honestly if you have not met him how do you love him? Just based on his look, bad music, and diabetes? Well thats my two cents. I'd like to here some of yours.

no....i completely agree. i think he makes diabetes seem kind of...i dont know. different then it actually is. now, this doesnt mean i dont like their music or anything, i just think he needs to tone down the overcomplicating things and making diabetes sound like a terminal disease.

I appreciate your comment. I feel that the whole deal he did with bear just did not seem morally right. I mean sponsoring  someone does not seem ethical. And I total get and respect him trying to show that its not a big deal but I think he kind of goes to far. I mean Jay Cutler shows that its not a big deal and that it should not effect you form doing anything. I think to a certain point he takes it as its a big part of life and changes you. Were as in I like to think about it as deal with whatever problem or requirement you may have to do and move on but keep yourself safe. And as far as the music goes I am a 14 year old boy so I kinda like Indie rock and rap. And I am also a huge music nerd. And writing a whole song about diabetes is just to far. 

exactly. there is a difference between supporting others and getting them to support you. one girl at my school is obsessed with nick jonas and she thinks that he is so amazing and inspiring and that his song inspired her to help her father more cuz hes a diabetic ...but i mean his voice sounds kinda nasally and weird during the whole song anyway so it wouldnt even matter if it had good lyrics-which it doesnt.  and i like the jonas brothers music(most of it anyway)