Anybody Use Glucose Gel?

Anyone have any information about glucose gel? I'm thinking about getting the insta gel, but it looks pretty expensive compared to the stuff I usually use to correct (juice). Is it worth it? Pros? Cons? Any recommendations for brands?

i use glucose gel sometimes, but it is expensive. I only use it when i'm really low, because it will work a little bit faster than juice. There really isn't a huge difference. I've used intsa gel both cherry and lemon. .. neither flavor is great, lol. It works good if you're passed out and somebody else has to get you to eat something because it will absorb through your gums. My parents used cake mate cake frosting when I was little. You can buy it in a tube at the grocery store, and they carried it everywhere, and used it pretty much the same way. I don't know if they didn't have glucose gel then, or if my parents had just never seen it, but it is cheaper and it tastes better, lol.

through the gums? lol THAT is impressive

Only pro of the gel is if you are so out if it you can't drink or chew.  Like Rebecca said, a tube of cake frosting works just as well and is a lot cheaper.  I know the gum thing sounds weird, but I've been so incapacitated by a low before that my husband could only sqeeze cake frosting between my cheek and gums.  He was worried I'd choke otherwise.  It worked... I was able to come to enough to drink orange juice and eat.

Cool. I'll def look for some cake frosting. Only problem is it's usually high in fat which (1) slows down absorption and (2) makes me fat. But yea, def will give it a try.