Anybody using Symlin?

I was wondering how many people here use the injected drug Symlin.  It's approved for people over 18 in the United States, but younger people can get it if they want it (at least I could).  It makes the your body absorb glucose more slowly so you don't spike after meals.

If any of you are using it, do you have to bolus over time if you have a pump? I figured out that if I don't use it Symlin and do my insulin all at once, I go high right after a meal, but if I use Symlin and do insulin all at once then I go low after I eat and go high later.  So I've been bolusing over time for meals when I use the Symlin. What works best for you guys?

Hi Dana - I didn't see this one until today.   I use symlin and yes - I do it over time.  When I first started, I would do a square wave bolus for 2.0 hrs - it worked okay but I found that if I do it over an hour, it works better for me.   I also never use it unless I'm over 100.  I noticed that if I use it below 100, I'll drop like a rock and it's difficult to get out of.  You are somewhat right about the glucose absorbtion - but what it does is slow digestion therefore the glucose takes longer to enter your system.  That is also why you feel full after a small meal.   I hope it's working out okay for you!  Be well.