Anyone Animas?

I was just wondering how many of you were using the Animas pump....



*raises hand* 

i'm on the one touch animas ping. 


Anamas 2020 insulin pump. and i hate it =[ my inset keep breaking =[

You hate the pump itself or just the infusion sets you're using? I've had my 2020 for about 2 years and have never had any problems with my comfort sets

i've been using the ping since october 08 and love it, no problems, great customer service, and i like the inset infusion sets :)

Me too!

I have an IR-1250...older model I suppose with all these 2020's flying around, but I have had no problems with it. They don't react well when slammed in car doors though...

I'm not sure what this thing people are talking about that keeps breaking though?

I have both a Minimed Paradigm and an Animas Ping. I got the Minimed Paradigm first but got frustrated with Minimed and their lack of progress in upgrading the Paradigms, so when my warranty was up I went ahead and got an Animas. I liked that the Animas pumps have color screens, are waterproof, and, most importantly, have integrated foods databases. Plus, I wanted to throw my money towards a company that's actually doing R&D on products for type 1's. (Minimed right now is not. They're developing a so-called "patch pump," - basically, imagine a nicotine patch or a birth-control patch, but with insulin instead. This kind of product, much like inhaled insulin, is geared toward Type 2's... They want to break into the Type 2 market because there is potentially way more $$$ there.) Also, Animas makes these totally nifty self-contained infusion sets that come pre-loaded into a disposable insertion device. I love those!

Anyways, after using my Animas Ping for about a week, I went back to my Minimed Paradigm. The main reason is because the Animas delivers boluses all at once, or in quick bursts of .5 units, and I can totally feel it jetting into me. It grossed me out and usually hurt me. The Minimed pump delivers boluses in .1 increments, spaced out 1 second a part, so it more sort-of drips in and you can't feel it. So I guess I have sort-of a love/hate relationship with Minimed.

BTW, I still use my awesome Animas infusion sets. I just use the Animas infusion sets with the tubing from the Minimed infusion sets. The Minimed tubing (which you need in order to connect to the Minimed Paradigm reservoir) plugs into the Animas silhouette infusion sets just fine, and you can use the tubing more than once (in my case, much more than once) so you don't really need to buy double supplies. 

I am in the process of getting an Animas Ping! 

I am currently on four shots a day (Humalog and Lantus).  I tried a Minimed Paradigm about 6.5 years ago when they first came out and had major problems!  The software malfunctioned a couple of times and the cannula tube kept on bending over.  My doctor's office couldn't figure out what the problem was, and the meeting I was supposed to have with a representative from MiniMed got canceled (they were the ones who canceled it).  So after a month of trying to get the pump to work, having high blood sugars most of the time, and being completely frustrated, I gave up. 

So far I have found the people from Animas to be very helpful, and one of the people I have been speaking with actually wears a Ping.  I have also changed endos and find my new one to be very supportive!


that is why i like animas. they are very helpful and they don't seem like they want to kill you when you have problems with the pump. :D

True that. My first one stopped working after I jumped into the Chesapeake Bay in the middle of January with it still on... What? They said they were waterproof! My second crapped out after finding itself between my car door and my car. Both times though they were very helpful and sent a replacement within 1 day. Their re-supply phoneline is very nice as well. I need to upgrade though. My sister has an Animas that has a display that is seemingly LED. I can do without the metalic pink though :P

the only draw back of the ping though is that it does not store glucose levels per bolus on the actual pump. i don't know what other pumps are like but i like that feature which is one the blood tester.

My daughter is getting a new Ping that should be delivered on Friday.

She is 13, likes pink, and sometimes has problems testing/covering with her friends peering over her shoulder.

I have always liked Animas - any time we have ever had any problems, they were understanding, worked right through everything with us, and very patient.

One of the other reasons that I wanted to go with the Ping is that they hope to have it compatible with the DEX continuous monitoring device within the next year.

I will probably report back when we get up and running with it. Did I read right that it has an LCD display? (Like an iPod?)


I just met with the pump trainer on Friday for pre-pump training and everything went just fine!  I am going back in on the 31st to meet with the trainer again and to start using the pump.  I am both excited and nervous to start using the pump.

One awesome thing that the trainer told me is that they have a vacation rental program (that doesn't cost anything) that I am excited about.  She said that if you are going on vacation to a place that is difficult to get a pump to within 24 hours, that they will supply you with an extra pump to take with you in case of an emergency.  I'm hoping to go to Peru in the next couple of years, so that makes me very happy!


actually, it does. if you download your pump into the Animas computer program, you see the numbers from your BG entries. I always see double the numbers, once from my meter, and once from my pump.

I have a pink Animas too! I also use the pink Inset infusion sets, love the color Pink!

I have one!

I had been on the Animas for several years but moved to Minimed for the CGMS benefit...  I do not like and therefore do not use the CMGS and would very much like to go back to Animas...  I was very happy with the Animas software and find it to have several benefial features that Minimed does not have...

Hi Dan,

My 10-yr-old son is on Minimed and CGMS, and I keep thinking things aren't as good as they should be, but I have nothing to compare to since Minimed is the only pump he's ever been on.  What features does Animas provide that Minimed doesn't?

Hi Linda.

This is only my opinion...

I found the Animas software to be more user friendly and for me, a few extra benefits...  One in particular is the alarm when you run our of insulin...  With the Minimed, you get an alarm as some preset level, but you could over bolus and not be alerted to the fact that you ran out of insulin 10 units ago...  I have participated in CMGS studies and find the data to be incredibly useful...  I do not find that I have gotten any real benefit from the Minimed CMGS...