Anyone bleed a lot when inserting your sensor?

When I was trained in using my minimed sensor I was told to hold the insertor device at a certain angle when inserting to reduce bleeding.  It seems like every time I insert my sensor it bleeds like CRAZY!  It doesn't really hurt, just starts bleeding all over.  The angle thing doesn't work for me.  Anyone have any tricks to prevent it from bleeding? 

Try a different angle of insertion.  Many CGMS users find the angle of the inserter to NOT be the right angle!

Also try holding the skin taught while injecting the sensor.

I've had a few bleeders in the approximately one year I've been on my MM CGMS.  Some were bleeders right from the start, while others I didn't notice the blood until after I had taped it all up.  The bleeding should stop.  just apply pressure for a short while.  When it stops bleeding, THEN connect the transmitter.

If you're new to using should get better with longer use of them.  The CGMS has a long learning curve, so don't give up!

i dont know how to stop bleeding since ive only bled once and it was only a little bit.