Anyone do their own insertions?

I did my pump insertion by myself for the first time last night! I do my insertions In my stomach so it was kind of difficult but I did it after counting to three!


Congratulations! That is wonderful! Counting to three always helps. The first time I was diagnosed, I counted to ten and then gave myself my first ever shot by myself, it was very stressful right until I actually injected and then It became a piece of cake!

I have the pens and I do my own! It took me a few minutes the first time but after that I was fine.

That is a wonderful accomplish!!!
I have been doing my own pump inserts since i got my pump which was 4 but, i was a little suck up to my Dr. so…yeah… :
But this seems something your proud of and that’s important!

Congrats! I remember when I first did my insertions. It was because I was embarrassed of my mom seeing my butt so I did it by myself :slight_smile: but now I’m doing my insertions on my stomach.

my pump broke at diabetes camp last year so I had to use a pen. for the last year I have been using the quick set because it has an inserter so i use that to do my insertions.

Thats awesome :slight_smile: i have the silhouette for my pump so i use the inserter too but when i use the pen or do shots i just stick the needle in my arm… just know it gets easier doing it yourself!!