Anyone else dealing with adhesive capulitis (frozen shoulder)?

After months of constant, and sometimes agonizing, pain in my left upper arm I was diagnosed today with having adhesive capulitis which is a complication of diabetes. I am 41 and have had T1D for 18 years. Id like to hear other peoples experiences and any advice on dealing with this. 


I have been having a nagging shoulder issue for a while now. I am wondering if this is the cause! Sometimes it feels as though I can't move because it hurts so bad. Does it feel like your arm locks at times? What have they given you to relieve the pain?

I have had frozen shoulder a couple times over the years.  If your blood sugar is running higher, try to get it down.  

The best thing I know is while you are in the shower to move your shoulder muscle.  It feels counter intuitive, but the movement will actually free up the joint and make it less painful.  Adhesive heating pads can also help keep it more limber.

In my experience it's started suddenly, lasted a few weeks, and stopped just as suddenly.  Hope yours resolves soon.  Take care.

Quite a number of years ago I had it in both shoulders. I couldn’t tuck my shirt into my jeans from the back. I went to see my acupuncturist. He did both the needles and massage/manipulation. The movement hurt like you wouldn’t believe, but what he did was separate the scar tissue and sticking tendons. I now have good range of motion and haven’t needed any follow up treatment. It took a couple of weeks (about 5 treatments) per shoulder.

@Coravh, Just from what you said, I truly believe this is what is wrong with my shoulder! Did you get diagnosed by a doctor?

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Found one good book on this issue. It is called “Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Physiotherapy Treatment Illustrated for women with common soft tissues & joint problems: Frozen Shoulder”. The link is “”.

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