Anyone else have slow onset type 1 diabetes?

My name is Meredith and i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in July 2009. I seemed to have caught it really early, so they later changed my diagnosis to latent autoimmune diabetes or type 1.5 because my beta cells were not being destoryed quite as fast as they originally thought.

Most people with type 1.5 go about 6 months after thier original diagnosis before they have to begin insulin injections. Im on month 9 and keeping my sugars relatively under control.

Im on a number of medications usually only used on patients with type 2 diabetes, but are effective thus far because of my unique situation. My health care providers predict that i have a few months before i have to go on insulin, but it is hard to predict exactly when.

I was just wondering if there is anyone else out who is in the same position as me or who has been in this position? Or if anyone has any feedback


This is very interesting to me.  My endocrinologist has not suggested anything like this, but I was diagnosed 6 months ago, was on 4 injections a day for about 2 months, but began living in the 50's so I stopped taking it.  Now I've been without any insulin or other medications for 4 months and my levels are perfect (except for a very occasional spike).  I've always felt strange compared to the way the honeymoon period works for most other type 1 diabetics.  

Yeah so have I. I feel like a very unusual case.  Im glad that my doctor chose not to put me on insulin right away because i definately would have been low all the time. For a few months i wasnt on any medication, then i started getting worse and started oral medication. What usually happens is that it is effective for a month or so, then i have to increase the amount of medication im taking. I just started taking 5 pills a day im april and my numbers have been fine. Im hoping i can last for a few more months at least.

5 pills a day? Wow.  My endo said to just hold tight and wait for my numbers to begin to creep up.  I'm doing well without insulin now, also between 60-100, and we'll see what my next a1c is (in July) to make sure that I haven't just been missing when I am high... 

between 60 and 100? isnt that low most of the time? thats between 3.5 and 5.5 in mmol/L which is what i use. You sound like you have really good control, are you really strict with food? Thats what im doing before and now on my medication i have to be really careful i can go high really easily. I pretty much avoid drinking juice altogether unless im low and avoid any food with more than 9 grams of sugar in it. That seems to do the trick, some days are beter than others tho.

What have your A1C's been like? Ive kept mine between 6 and 6.4.

Hi Meredith!

I am in the same position as you and Courtney! I cannot seem to find really any information about what I'm going through online or in books. My endo and everyone else seems to be stumped by my situation. You can read my full story about my diagnosis on my profile. I was diagnosed in January. Just this past week, I've noticed some big changes in my blood sugar levels. I'm now using Apidra before meals to help control my levels but that's all. Please let me know if you ever want to talk about any of this. No one else seems to understand!



I don't know what's with my numbers.  I am often in the 60's.  I know I have no insulin in me, so it's not like having a "low."  I feel perfectly normal.  I did wake up one time in the middle of the night shaking, and when I tested I was 54.  I hadn't taken insulin in weeks so that was strange.  I definitely have a confused pancreas.  

After my first few months I got it down to 10.8, then it was 6.6, and now it is 6.1.  This next a1c (though not until July) will be all time without insulin (assuming I don't need to go back on it before July...) so I am very excited to see what it will be.

Hi all. I am not sure if I qualify for this or not, but I do know that I had low doses of insulin during my first two years of diabetes.  My endo in England (7 months ago) said that I have had a very delayed honeymoon phase, I didn't realize the doses were considered low (at that time I had been diabetic for 1 year and 9 months). That last a1c in the UK was 6.5, a little higher than they had been. I had one done in the US in March, it was 7.2, I thought it'd be around 8 based on my stress levels over the previous 3 months.  medicine doc who isn't well versed in type 1 diabetes which bothers me)

My Lantus dose upon diagnosis two years and 3 months ago was 6 and my carb to point ratio was 15:1, the week before my cycle was 10:1. After my surgery 6 weeks ago, I was up to 12 units of Lantus, same carb ratios. Now my Lantus is adjusting back down again, not quite sure where yet. Currently working at 10:1, but I think I may be lowering it again as I'm still getting lows. I hope I find a endo soon, I'm wondering if I should adjust the fast acting a bit more as well, but can't quite catch the trend yet. Does that make sense? In England the Endo gave me a child's pen so I could fine tune to half units... it made a huge difference in keeping my control tight, without going low as much.

I've not used any type 2 meds, so I'm no help there.

Don't know if any of that is really helpful, but that's my two cents. :-)

Im excited to see my next one too because i had a couple really bad weeks before i started my new medication. i was contnuously above 10 almost all day for about 2 weeks (above 180). I couldnt really each much at all at once because it was so high. Even with taht my A1C was only 6.4. I have control again now with my new meds so i think i might have even gotten it below 6. Im curious to see what it is. lol yeah i think my pancreas is pretty confused too. some times it works,, other times it totally gives out on me  lol

I too had a long lasting honeymoon. about 2 years with only 5 units that rose slowly to 15 units a day. It's over now- I'm taking around 50 units a day. But those days of easy control and no majors spikes were awesome!! I hope that yours lasts a long time!

Sorry for the slightly off topic question but are you looking at clinical trials?

Thanks! I hope it lasts a while longer too.

I was thinking about looking into some clinical trials but im not sure.