Anyone else have this happen? I am deleting my profile (trying!)


I am trying to delete my profile, but I want to ask this question as I struggle to find the way to do it. I intend to come back on here in a safer venue.

Has anyone ever had someone from work or family invade juvenation, hypothesize identity, and act accordingly?

Just curious...


Not to my knowledge - but I tell everyone who I am on here and the one person I work with who has looked at this site is another type 1...  I invite anyone interested in getting a glimpse into the day-to-day thoughts that come with D to visit...  It sounds like you had someone cross some lines.  I hope the price for that violation/anger/frustration doesn't involve our losing you.  You are a dear heart and a true treasure - if there is any way I can help, please do let me know!

Until again,



As long as you aren't saying disparaging things about your specific job and they can tie the posts accurately to you, I don't see why anyone from your work would even have a case...unless there is something in your Computer Use Agreement that you probably signed when you were hired that states you aren't allowed to do "non-business" activity on the Internet. 

Hope you can come back with a disguise :)

If you would like to delete your profile I will have to do it for you, and you will come on as a totally different user and probably best if you change the email address as well.




Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your spirit and your mind and hope that you and your family are well.




Not Juvenation, and it was more an invasion of privacy than pretending to be me, but I've had an issue at a previous workplace.  After I found out, I changed my password (at home!) and deleted all the internet and temporary files on my work computer.  Then I never accessed it from work again.

As someone elase said, it sounds like someone crossed the line.  I learned from my previous experience to never consider anything on my work computer personal, and also to stick with the established computer use policy.  (Having an iPhone makes that much easier to do do!)

I can understand enforcing rules or checking for security/policy issues, but some people really do cross the line... and you simply have to take precautions againstit, unfortunately.  :(