Anyone else having problems with MiniMed 722 priming?

We are going on our third "re-certified" 722 due to priming defects.  Anyone else experiencing this or is it just us?

Uh oh, I just went on the MM 722 today....... the only problem i had was getting the plunger detached from the reservoir.... Please let me know how things go!

I have had the pump for awhile now and have had no problems with it.


The only advice I can give is to make sure that all of the insulin is done priming - that it's stopped.  Then do an extra fixed prime of 1 unit before you hook it back up.  That way 1) you make sure that all of the priming insulin is done - and that a bolus will actually work when you need it to.

I'm hoping and praying that we do not have these issues again.  The MiniMed cust service person indicated that it could be "user error"- I laughed out loud - my son was on the 522 for 4 years and we had no issues with priming.

I'll keep you posted.



I did the priming yesterday with the educator....... I did the first prime where it is detachced from you and then a fixed prime of .3 units.......   so far so god........ well except I did a 3am BG and it 236!    


Did you find the MM staff nice?   

Good.  You must be on the smaller canula - Joey's is .7 fixed prime (he's only 9).

The MM staff are very nice - I've been working with them since July 2004 (Joey was dx'd in June 2003 when he was 3 1/2).

I'm not sure how long you've been diagnosed, just keep in mind that you can't "control" it you can only "manage" it - you will have high's and low's it's virtually impossible to have consistent 80's - 110's - Joey plays a lot of sports so he's on and off his pump (can't play football with it on) so he usually spikes up, then we follow with a shot.

The pump will make it easier to manage - I can't image going back to shots.  We had to yesterday because of the pump issue and it was very stressful - since we only had humalog ( I need to get some backup Lantus).  So Joey didn't have a basal running - he did "ok".  His replacement pump should be here in a couple of hours -

Is this your first pump?




This is the first time I have ever been on the pump..... I did a saline try with the MM 515, as I had it from several years ago but never went on it........   I was diagnosed 3 days before my 11th birthday and I am 26, going on 27 in February...... I have been so out of control with the diabetes....... It was only until about a month ago when I went to a JDRF event in NYC that my eyes really opened..... I think a big thing was seeing other people younger than me dealing with the same thing....... and realizing that I need to get some control over the diabetes so that it doesn't control me.

A recurring problem that i have been having with the 722 Minimed Pump, is that when i go to set the site, the adhesive tape sticks to the

walls of the serter, this results in the needle just getting far enouph to go into me, but i still have to reset the site


My pump follows my instructions but I have problems with the reservoirs letting in air.  I have contacted Minimed and have beentold I am doing everything right.  The insulin is kept at room temperature, I rotate and strecth the reservoir to the 3ml and then push it back, after putting air in the insulin bottle I do not seperate from the reservoir but hold onto all of the pieces until the reservoir is full.  Half way through the process I try to tap out all of the air, it may take up to 8 minutes, then I pull until the resevoir is full to 3ml.  I make sure to disconnect from the insulin and then I let go of the reserv oir and the pull and unscrew the pull.   If I do not hold on to  the pull after 2.5ml the air pressure pops it out and the insulin is wasted.  I get sick of the air in the reservoir that comes in after the priming is complete, because it messes with my sugar but I think if the manufacture is altered it will work better.

This is weird. I just had a weird priming experience the last two times. I am on a MM 522 and after I finished priming and all that it asked me to prime my pump again... Maybe I should call MM as well to see if there is something wrong with my pump too.

I have never ran into a priming error with my pump. While I do sometimes run into the air bubble issues in the reservoir, I have foud that is usually when I am using a fresh bottle of insulin. What I have been doing though to address the problem is that at night I will fill my reservoir and leave it until the following morning. I will have the reservoir overfilled so I can just push the excess out at night, but depedning upon if it is a new bottle or not I will either leave the whole thing connected and stand it up with the vial of insulin on top and have it all standing on the plunger that way any bubbles will trickle up over night into the vial. If it is a freash vial I normally after filling once will disconnect the reservoir, but leave the blue connection pieace attached to the vial. this way I can equalize the pressure in the vial, which is what normally will mess with my first draw from the bottle.

Been on a 722 for three years now, never had an issue. Good luck!

Brian, thank you for the info. on the air bubbles with a new bottle of insulin.  I have that same problem and am pleased to hear your solution.  I will try that next time I prime.