Anyone Else out there with High Risk?

Was curious if anyone else has been put on high risk to have a baby?  I don't really know what to expect. 

Hi Ashley,

I am not exactly sure what you are asking, but I believe all pregnancies in a woman with T1 diabetes is considered High Risk, I am sure the same is true for T2, as well.  I am not sure if this answers your question at all though! 

If you are diabetic then you are high risk.  I am 26 and have started thinking about it.  My dr. told me that I have to have my A1C at 6 or below before I start trying to conceive.  It is very important to have controlled sugars when you first get pregnant b/c this is when all of the babies organs start to develop.  Of course it is important to be controlled throughout your whole pregnancy.  Are you pregnant now?

Sorry should have been more exact.  I am now having kidney problems also.  One doctor told me no I cannot have kids then changed it and said I need to look into high risk clincs in order to see how much farther to go with it.  Im not pregnant because I have a lot of  health issues that came with being a diabetic.  So Im kind of afraid of having one right now but then again they want you to have one before your thirty! 

I would talk to this "high risk" clinic and see what they think of the situation. You may be at a point where if you follow a diet and insulin schedule strictly, everything will go fine. There's always risks for any pregnancy, diabetic or not.

I know this was posted a long time ago, but I just saw it... Have you heard anything else yet?

Before you TTC with T1, you'd need a pre-conception visit w/ a high-risk OB either way. That may answer your question? I've also heard differing things about if you have kidney damage... The most important thing is which ever dr you use feels comfortable w/ treating you!

I wouldn't worry about conceiving before 30... I know many women w/ T1 who had successful pregnancies in their late 30's, although, I'm sure your kidneys would play a role.