Anyone else?

I have notice that in a lot of posts most dx happen close to a b-day and usually after illness.

Ethan was born a week late. He had a tramatic birth. He then spiked a high fever and had to have a spinal tap at age 2 days old. He was fine, they said. Just "a virus".  Just wondering if anyone else had illness like this at birth? Just seeing if there are more similarities. Also, I had gestational diabetes. Anyone else?

Andrew's got the chicken pox vaccine in June, got chicken pox in July, and was dx in August.  Do I believe it was directly related- YES!  The ER docs were'nt shocked when I gave them the vaccine timeline but I've never been able to get any other physician to say it.

Most docs are shocked I didn't have gestational diabetes of some sort.  I lost 36 lbs during my pregnancy. Still to this day unexplained!  But, in our case, Diabetes runs in my family and probably his Dads (he's adopted), so they all just chalk it up to that. But I seriously think it would have layed dormat longer if so.  Just through talking with other people statisticly my daughter should have been dx'd first.  Andrew is the first case of it in any male family member. But, ages diagnosed are getting younger.

I do not know about a b-day.  Colby is a July baby.  As to illnees he has not been what I consider a sickly kid, but he did have bronchitis and a slight case of pneumonia before he even turned 2 years old.  He also has had a lot of different colds and/or flus where he just couldn't shake the coughing for a long time.  My sister likes to say, that he is sick all the time.  I guess he sort of has been, I don't know anymore.  We did have a nasty flu at Thanksgiving 2008 and then were in the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis about three weeks later.  Maybe if we had had flu shots?  I think it would have happened sooner or later anyways.  My sugars were a little high and I had to do the one hour and then the three hour sugar test during pregnancy, but never ended up gestational.  My sister on the other hand had gestational with both of her girls and so bad that she actually had to do insulin injections.  So, you just throw your hands up in the air and wonder...

I dont know Ocean was diagnosed in July of 2005 and her birthday is in March but I do remember a stomach bug that she had in April. But she had many symptoms for a couple of months. she had headaches tummyaches and other symptoms for the first 2 months than the drinking and going to the bathroom started. We get the flu shot every year since diagnoses exept the first year because I thought well we dont get the flu well that year Ocean got it but we ended up doing pretty good. but since having the flu shot ever year she is barely sick so its great for us.