Anyone else?

Being a type 1, I've only know of a few, except for sites like this. Is there anyone else like me? I didn't get misdx'ed, no not me. I just ended up in ICU, DKA. at age 52. How many of us are there? Did you get dx'ed late in life, heck I thought at 52 all I had to do was get older.LOL Now my life is so changed. The time in the hospital was my first time overnight. In 52 years the worst thing that happened to me was a broken toe. Just wondering am I the only one????

you are not...check out for alot of later diagnosed T1Ds.

I am there. I use the same avatar, my tattoo.

Keith,did you find others on tudiabetes ?

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Keith,did you find others on tudiabetes ?


Yes I did, but only a few(3or4) with the oldest was in his 70's. There are not many of us. I did think of a famous person, Ann(e) Rice the author was dx'ed late in life.