Anyone ever done this?

okay, so on the day of the long car ride home from another state:

get up in the morning, change my site (because it's due) and don't eat anything yet

in the car for about a minute, get a bolas for food and my pump alarms saying "blockage detected" so we turn around and change my site back at the person's house who we were staying with.

In the course of the day we change my site two more times because of "blockage detected" every time I try to get a bolas. It was driving me insane, oh, and of course, I got ketones, and was high and Changed My Site 4 Times In ONE day! (less than 8 hours)

Sometimes I really get down about having diabetes but it's days like those when I just hate it!

Mine did that once..I changed it then went out to eat with my boyfriend and brother and i gave my insulin and was eatin and i hear something and it was my pump and i looked at it and i had to call my dad cause i had no clue whaat it meant and i changed it and it didnt do it again but i had high sugar cause i didnt get my insulin

Did you try changing your tubing? I know that's not generally what it's talking about but it could be the problem. Other than that I might suggest putting the site somewhere else.

Ooohhh yes, I used to have that problem all the time, really. I decided to try another infusion set from Medtronic and voila, I never had that problem again.

If you continue to have that issue I would contact whatever pump supplier you use and ask for samples of different infusion sets. I'm so happy I changed.

Yes, I did change my tubing, also my insulin I think. And we moved the site area from the hip area to my stomack and then moved around there.

In the past this has happened but it would usually go away after I changed it once and then that would be it.

I have only had this problem since I started using these sites but we just changed in the last couple of years because my endo wanted me to start changing them myself and I couldn't watch the needle actually go in me. So now I use one that I don't really have to look because it is straight and I just punch it in. We tried other sites including the cleo 90 I think, which I liked but it gave me ketones every 2 days.

Any suggestions on other sites that you don't have to watch really careful and you can just stick them in?

The only times I have had that warning with my Sure-T infusion sets is when I had used my upper abdomen, where it is now known I have permanent scar tissue from 60+ years of injections. As long as I rotate my sites from lower abdomen to upper legs I do not ever have that problem.

I've had that happen a few times in a row like that and then I finally called MiniMed.  they had me do some type of key sequence so that a code would come up to see if they could figure it out.  They ended up sending me a referb the next day and had me send mine back.  I was also advised to stop using the pump until I got the replacement.  But I haven't had that happen again like that. 

argh! It just happened again today! At dinner I changed my site 3 times because of blockage detected! Why? I hate this!

I love the Accuchek Ultraflex infusion sets. I have never had issues with this cannula and the tape removes easily after 3 days and doesn't pull my skin off. It works with any pump (except of course the Medtronic). You may like it because you can use an inserter and won't have to see the needle go in. I have use every set out there and this one has been the best for me. You can get them in boxes that allow changing the tubing every other set change, which is convenient. Just a suggestion.

We use the inset 30s from Animas for my son. It comes preloaded in the inserter, so yes, you can see the needle before hand but it is pretty fast. I wonder if changing to an angled infusion set (vs. a straight one) would help.

This sounds REALLY frustrating! Good luck!

Actually, haha, I use the Accuchek Ultraflex now, and I really love it but this one problem. I didn't know there was an inserter for it though. Hum...

I used to use the insert 30s without the inserter before, I think they actually call it something else. But we changed because by hand you really have to watch the angle it goes in and I didn't want to watch the needle actually go in, slowly, and make sure I got the right angle.

But thank you both! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

I'm not on a pump, so I could be wrong. But, if you keep getting the same error message despite multiple sute changes, I would call the company to make sure the pump itself it's malfunctioning.