Anyone ever done this?

okay, so on the day of the long car ride home from another state:

get up in the morning, change my site (because it's due) and don't eat anything yet

in the car for about a minute, get a bolas for food and my pump alarms saying "blockage detected" so we turn around and change my site back at the person's house who we were staying with.

In the course of the day we change my site two more times because of "blockage detected" every time I try to get a bolas. It was driving me insane, oh, and of course, I got ketones, and was high and Changed My Site 4 Times In ONE day! (less than 8 hours)

Sometimes I really get down about having diabetes but it's days like those when I just hate it!

Oh, and it just happened again, i changed my site 3 times at dinner because of "blockage detected"

Hey, i have had that happen before and it is suck a pain. i dont quite understand it, but i know what your going through. Usually when my blood sugars were very high it was because of that problem. But the one time it happened the problem was that when i inserted it, it wasnt in straight and when i pulled it out it was all messed up. But sorry.

Well, I am going to be going on a Ping soon, so I will let you know how the infusion sets for those are.  I have done a lot of research and read a lot of reviews though, and I haven't heard complaints about them.  I am not sure if you could get them delivered for your pump, but I will have to keep you updated on my experience with my pump (in the near future!).