Anyone feel like fertility drugs are making you crazy?

I took Clomid 8 years ago and got pregnant quickly with my daughter.  I am type 1 too (of course my daughter ended up being 11 pounds and was diagnosed with type 1 right after she turned 3 so not exactly smooth sailing).   This time around I've been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years.  Used nothing for a year and then started on clomid.  During my 6th cycle I was up to 200 mg of clomid!  Things were managable.  However, a few days after the Hcg shot to induce ovulation I would feel myself getting depressed.  It took me a couple cycles to catch on that these meds caused me to feel this way.   Now I have started Folastim (sp?) injections and just did the IUI.  Have to wait the dreaded 2 weeks now to see if it worked.  I feel like the longer I'm on fertility drugs the crazier I'm feeling!  I cry at commercials.  There was one day where I felt like I had the most extreme PMS I have ever had!  I actually pondered for a second how difficult it would be to chew someones head right off their shoulders!  I hate feeling like this!   I'm debating if I should go to the doctor and get on some meds for depression or if the fertility drugs are causing me to feel this way so these icky feelings will go away once I stop taking the fertility drugs.  Anyone else have a hard time with the fertility drugs messing with you head??   

Hey FreeHappyHolly,

I am SOOO glad (selfishly) to hear that I am not the only one who 'went crazy' on fertility drugs.  You have managed really well!  I made it 1 month on the lowest dose of clomid.  My BG's were horrendous and my moods were even worse.  I have NEVER felt so unstable in my life.  Happy, mad, furious, excited, lashing out, sobbing, was terrible.  It took a month for me to get it all back together.  My doc is encouraging me to try something different but I refuse.  I honestly scared myself I was so nutty feeling- like I was crawling out of my skin.  No way. 

When I told the doc about it she was totally taken aback.  She said she'd never heard of that before.  I don't know if it's a T1 thing or a me thing or what, but ugh. 

Until now I thought maybe I was crazier than I thought.  Thanks for re-affirming that it can happen.  Good luck!  Hopefully this month will be 'it' for you!