Anyone from DC / mid-atlantic?

I'm sooo sick of the snow we're getting & being stuck inside w/ a toddler! I've been off work since last Fri at noon, and we're getting our 2nd storm tonight. This isn't why I moved back down to VA, lol. OK, this isn't really related to D, but I will say that my BG's aren't good at all b/c I'm totally off my schedule and basically stuck sitting around inside.

I am in Delaware, and I've about had it too.  We're finding wacky BG numbers for my son too, and since he was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, we thought maybe he was starting to honeymoon.  Then when we adjust the ratios for less insulin, his numbers go up.  I think that being off the normal schedule of eating and activity has made things challenging.  That, along with cabin fever and the kids getting stir crazy has me really hoping for a break in the weather.  Much of this has fallen on my husband because I work for the City and spent time on Sunday and Monday in our emergency operations center taking phone calls about the snow.  Ahhh... when is summer?

Ann Marie, I hope your work has settled down. I guess I shouldn't complain about being stuck inside, at least I didn't have to get to work!

That's for sure that a change in schedule can totally mess up your sugars! It must be hard to know if it's honeymooning or lack or activity from waay too much snow!

I hope his numbers are settling down and you all are digging out. (:

We're in Charlottesville,Va and our kids just went back to school today after being off for 2 weeks!! But of course we are expecting snow today!! This is just insane!! And of course they are saying we will see at least 2 more good storms by the end of march!!... I totally understand what you are saying about the BG's being all out of wack. Shyla's have been all over the place (mostly highs) and i'm hoping with her getting back into school we can get her regulated again.........I personally am sick of snow!! Its pretty when it falls, but WOW what a mess!!!