Anyone from iowa?

just wondering if there was anyone in iowa but i'm cool with talking to anyone

i'm from iowa :o)

sweet. i live in des moines,  just moved here from knoxville, iowa

awesome. i've been in des moines pretty much my whole life, except for the couple years i went to ISU. ames is a great city, by the way. :o)

yea i just moved in with my girlfriend and her mom. i live over on the southside by lincoln high school

so what's up with iowa?  i know absolutely nothing about your state.  educate me? do ya'll do potatoes?  or is that another state?

lol idaho does potatoes. iowa is mainly corn and pork. just cornfields, farmers, and pigs. but i live in Des Moines, the capital.

not a whole lot of pigs or anything in this city

ooooo...thank you for clearing that up for me i knew it was i-something... what else is iowa known for?  any famous people? tourist attractions? landmarks?

like why would anyone want to live there? lol

iowa has the butter cow at the state fair. john wayne, herbert hoover, ashton kutcher. they are from iowa. uuuummmmm idk why anyone would want to live here lol i sure dont.

lol sorry 'bout that... is herbert hoover that vaccume guy?  i could totally google that, but i'm feeling lazy...kinda why i didn't google iowa or potatoes or whatever eep!

hahahahaha sorry. herbert hoover was the president during the great depression

hoover was the prez before franklin roosevelt

i like j. edgar hoover better...he's from washington DC...i

we also grow a lot of soybeans, are at the head of developing biofuels, do a lot for the agriculture community, and have teaching hospitals that do a lot of great research.

i love living in iowa. there are lots of good reasons to be here :o) our biggest city is around 300,000. you can easily be in the middle of the "metropolis" but only be a couple minutes away from the country. i live in the city, but 1/2 mile down the street are corn and soybean fields. we are progressive and fairly liberal (this only appeals to roughly 50% of the population). we are in the top states for quality of education and teachers. our cost of living is low. our seasons are colorful and beautiful even if we don't have scenery like mountains or ocean beaches. we have all 4 seasons. we value art, music, and literature.

i could keep going. iowa is a nice, quiet place to be. if you are ever traveling through the midwest, i suggest you stop by :o)

C, I will definately keep you in mind.  What's your favorite thing to do in the little leisure time you have?

lots of things :o) i like to read, watch movies, go bowling, karaoke, write (on occasion), photography.

where do all the "cool kids" hang in iowa?

iowa is nice. i used to live in a town way way smaller. like 7,000 people. but we have the sprint car nationals there

you can hang anywhere and still be cool in iowa ;o)