Anyone from New York?

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering if there is anyone here who is from New York or northern Jersey??? I'm right 20 minutes outside of Manhattan.  I was curious if anyone has an Endocronologist they would recommend? or just someone to talk to who's from around here?  If so, let's talk! No one knows what we're going through better than each other!

I can't help you with an endo, but my husband is from Randolph (near Morristown), so I've had the fun of visiting NJ often. (: Love the pizza up there!

I live in South Orange right now, I currently go to an Endocrinologist right outside of Morristown. I really like them and they have been very good to me over the years. The Office is Endocrine Medical Associates. There about 5 doctors who make up their main staff. In the same building they have a eye doctor who I think deals with the eye screenings and stuff, but I never went there.

I live on Long Island in New York.  If you need a recommendation for this area I can definitely help, NJ tho is a different story for me. Where are you from?

im from rockland county

Hi there.  I'm Jacquie. I used to live in Towaco, NJ (I hear you saying, "where?"'s very near Parsippany). I now live in Arizona, but I wanted to respond to your query.

I would highly recommend Dr. Samuel Dower. He works out of St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston. He's very mellow...but he's a great doctor with a very realistic approach to diabetes. Not to say he doesn't want his patients to strive to be as healthy as possible...actually I think he feels very involved in his patients' successes and failures.

I don't know what insurance he takes these days. He used to be part of a larger practice, but out of principle he and another doctor split from that practice. I got the sense that he became tired of being lowballed by insurance companies and having to see too many patients in a day to make the money that he felt he was worth. And I think his instinct was correct. Considering that he was out of network for my insurance, and I gladly paid out of pocket to see him. He's excellent.

His number is 973-322-7204. Good luck. Let me know if you decide to make an appointment with him!

Thank you for your suggestion! I will def look into it! I really appreciate your help. Hope Arizona is wonderful! (Probably better and warmer than Towaco!)

Well, yes, I'm sure it's warmer. I think today was day 102 of "days over 100 degrees" in the Phoenix area this summer. Summer in the desert is not for the faint of heart or weak of air conditioning. Everyone here lives the hermit life, coming out only at night from May through mid-September. :)

Livingston would likely be an inconvenient hike from Rockland Count, in all honesty. I figured I'd leave my post up there in case anyone was taking a look around the site and happened to be looking for a doctor in NJ. I actually wish there were some more members from AZ on this site...I've been shopping for an endo like Dr. Dower for the past two years and so far, no luck.

hi britt, how are you? would love to talk sometime. i live in morris county, nj. do you go to any diabetes support groups? rockland isn't that far from me. always trying to meet fellow type 1's. hard though, not a lot go to support groups. how else do you meet  them? that's why i joined this, but so far, no luck. would love to have a fellow type 1 as a friend. it's been tough for me lately. do you use one of the instant messenger services? oktake care. hope i haven't bothered you. thanks. bye-bye


Just a suggestion.... I wanted to meet more T1's in my area so I started a group.  It is stupid because the "host" gets charged, but you could split the cost or use it for a couple of months until things get rolling and then just use email to set up meetups.   It is really great to socialize with others who also have to check their blood sugar and take insulin....

hey! i lived in queens for the first 17 years of my life (im 19 now) and my pediatric endocriniologist was Dr. Greenfield in Richmond Hill and I loved her. I dont know how old you, are you might need just a regular endo.  anway where do u live? how are your diabetes and how are you handling it? how r ur sugars?

hey what part of LI?

i live like right next to rockland county in nj and dr.cobin in ridgewood is AMAZING there maybe a waiting list tho

were in rockland i used to live there too

kate, thanks for the tip. can i ask you how much the charge is? is it a flat fee or so much per month or something? did you get alot of responses? not familiar with hopefully, i can check it out sometime soon. add it to my list of about a hundred things i'd like to do in the next week or so. i really need a swift kick in the ass sometimes, because my depression is pretty bad sometimes. anyway, thanks, i will try to check it out. hopefully. take care. bye-bye


Who is doing the Walk for the Cure this Sunday at Battery Park?