Anyone get pregnant not planning on it?

I have had 2 baby's, both were uncomplicated pregnancy's, both started with A1cs around 8.2 but were down between 6.5 and 7 the rest of the pregnancy. My BG really spikes in the beginning and then trickles down by the second trimester and plummets by my third. with my son i was drinking slushies with out bolus because i was running so low once i hit 35 weeks. But I knew I was getting pregnant with them. this time I was shocked I had taken antibiotics the first 2 weeks of October and they weakened my B.C. enough that in November the day after i took my last pill prior to my period i got prego. So what I'm wondering is if any one has had more then 2 baby's and how it went... I hate the way the doctors talk to me like if something goes wrong it's all my fault. I'm super scared this time. I'm older I have two kids I'm chasing around (5 and 2). I'm so tired this time and Really was going for more time in between baby's i waited 3 years between my son and daughter and was aiming for 5 this time.Oh yeah my last A1C was 10.4. Just looking for support I'm so nervous I love having baby's but the doctors make me feel like I'm a horrible person for getting pregnant. I've had them say as a diabetic I should know better.

Well, first, congratulations on the pending arrival.  I'm sure it was a shock, but hopefully something you are looking forward to now! 

I'm so sorry your doctors making you feel that way.  Sometimes they seem to forget we are people and not machines.  Hang in there.

I think you need to try to find some time to take care of yourself.  I don't know if you have some friends or family who can help you, but you need to get that A1C down (obviously you know this - hence the guilt).  You have to do it.  Talk to your partner and tell him you need help - laundry, cooking, etc.    Implement an hour of 90 minutes an afternoon for the kids to have quiet time in their rooms (if your 2 year old doesn't nap).

I'd probably also call your doctor out on making you feel guilty and ask how you can get back down into control.  Sometimes, just having it on paper of what you need to can help.   You've got enough to think about and do, let them give you the "realistic" plan to follow.

You can do this!  Why don't you start by making sure you get in the four BG checks per day.   Be sure you look at what you are going to eat and give the insulin BEFORE (I know I get lazy about this and then sometimes forget to bolus at all).  

Also - call your endo and see if they have a CGM you can borrow for a week or two.   I don't know if you have insurance that will cover a CGM but it's worth a try.

You know what you need to do, and I know it's tiring, but you can do this.