Anyone get "weak signal" too much?

I'm used to wearing my pump either on my bra or my waist on the right side.  When I put my sensor on my left side it seems like I get a "weak signal" all the time.  I know the little invisible ray thingies are suppost to go through your body so the sensor can communicate with the pump.  I know my muffin top is getting a smidge bigger but I can't imagine it's so dense that the sensor can't communicate with the pump when it's on the opposite side of my body.  Anyone else experience this? 

i had a weak signal once when i was sitting down. but for skating, my sensor can communicate with my pump when my pump is on the side of the ice rink and im at least 2 meters away spinning

I have noticed that I get that some nights when sleeping. My pump will be on my back side attached to my shorts and the sensor is in my belly. I have noticed it seems to happen when i am sleeping on my belly. Funny thing is that I always seem to end up being woken up again because i go back on my belly. Kind of irritating but I am learning to move my pump to my side or my sensor closer to my side so this doesn't happen.

I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but...

I just an iPhone 3GS and I also use the dexcom sensor.  I've notice a lot lately that when my iPhone has bluetooth on, my dexcom sensor shows "???" meaning that it can not read the signals from the transmittor on my belly.  I wonder if the iphone is messing up my receiver... I'll have to call and ask.  Anybody else have this problem with their CGM's or pumps?  If this is really true, I would worry about the people using the Omnipod because it's wireless...

Pump has to be on same side for me, no way around it.  It doesn't seem to broadcast through my body.  My problem is that I get weak signal just too much in general.  My ISIG number is all over the board for the 2 hours after setup, and it usually doesn't connect but hits me with weak signal before my two hours is up.  If I happen to make it the two hours, then I can meter the BG and it is good to go.  Each time I just feel lucky if I make it the 2 hours. 

The range for the Paradigm Sensor was never really all that great. I ran intot that problem often when the pump and sensor were on different sides. Sadly the only thing you can do is try to keep them close.