Anyone had carpel tunnel?

Hi everyone in T1-land! Last year I started getting some numbness/tingling in my feet and hands, which I assumed were an intensifying of some mild neuropathy I’d previously experienced. But it didn’t follow the typical description so they ordered neurological testing. They said I have carpel tunnel in the wrists, as well as the tunnels in my elbows and in my ankles. They said there is some basic neuropathy also, but that the tunnel issues are what is causing my type of discomfort. I’ve read this can be more common in Type 1’s. They said it is moderate to severe, and offered the solutions of braces which I already use at night, steroid shots (BG nightmare, NO thank you very much), or the surgery. Has anyone else here had this issue, and did you get the surgery? If so, how did it turn out?

I had acute carpel tunnel in both hands. Had surgery and I feel so much better. Just communicate with your doctor so medication during recovery doesn’t affect your levels.