Anyone have a MM pump to spare?

Dont know if anyone can help me out or not.  I am in desperate need of a MM pump.  Would prefer a 700 series (712, 722, 723) pump  but am so desperate will take a 500 too.  I have supplies for both, but mostly 700 series (3ml reservoirs) I am with out insurance.  My pump died.  I have a TON of pump supplies but cannot afford a new pump.  I am on dissability and my medicare doesnt kick in until June 2012.  My pump died as I said.  I have had to go back to shots temporarly.  I was wondering if someone had an old pump the can spare.  I can send some contour test strips,  can spare 2 expired dexcom sensors, tegaderm, a authentic blue leather coach purse with white trim and matching wristlet and wallet, a working older model GPS unit with wall and car chargers.  Would greatly appreciate any one who could help me out.  If you perfer to e-mail me, my e-mail is  Thank you so much, Kris

Sure you did this, but did you talk to MiniMed about the situation?  If your old pump was under warranty they'll send you a replacement.  If you need to order one they'll put you on a payment plan.  Talk to them and see what they can offer.

It's not legal for someone to give you a pump because it's a medical device that requires a prescription.  Pain in the butt, but that's how it works.