Anyone have an old Medtronic pump they want to get rid of?

512/712 (all firmware)
515/715 (all firmware)
522/722 (all firmware)
523/723 (with firmware 2.4A or lower)
Looking to find a loopable pump. Open to all offers. Please PM me …

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wow, I’d like one too!

I didn’t mean to be rude. I have been looking for awhile at eBay, I asked Medtronic but that was a firm “no.” I thought I’d give it a shot on here. Meh. It’s ok. Hopefully I’ll find one one day. I have a paradigm 751 too. Maybe tidepool will figure that one out one day.

I did not feel any rudeness coming from you? sorry I was rather short in my first reply. I was really busy yesterday. I looked at looping 2-5 years ago, and it looked rather complicated. I looked again for awhile yesterday after seeing your post, and thought maybe it’d now be doable, easier to accomplish. would you agree?
so, my endocrinologist didn’t like the idea. thot it’d be too complex.
I wouldn’t think Medtronic would support this. altho, I remember asking medtronic’s before if I could still get the vial and insertion pieces and they said yes.
so, if you find one ~ amazing! maybe we can both find two and help others.
I’ve asked my old diabetes educator if she had any ideas. don’t know who else to possibly ask, or where to look. would’ve thought this blog would be good, but you’ve gotten no response yet? mmmmmmmmm
I checked out Eric Douds on Facebook and found ~
I asked there if anyone knew where to find an early medtronic pump ~ today. got a thumbs up, but where does that get us? lol. if I hear anything I’ll let you know.

so, don’t remember how I got there, but go to just glancing though it, they had 723 pumps! most folks want an arm and a leg for them tho…?
good luck! keep me posted. thanx

well, I’ve rambled enuf. take care, have fun, blessings, dave

if you pardon my reply; i didn’t think anyone was being rude but we should set expectations. it is illegal to buy or sell a prescription device. advertisements for sale of prescription devices or medicines get immediately deleted from this site for the legal reason, as well as that being said - this site cannot become a swap n’ sell or ebay. because it takes away from the main purpose of us encouraging each other.

it is also technically illegal to give a prescription device (or medicine) away… but in good faith if someone has something they want to give away, and presumably the receiving person has a script at some point… no one is going to bother with it.

These may be among the reasons why there aren’t that many devices available. Also, MM swaps out most older equipment during the upgrade process. I have had 5 pumps from MM including several that were “loopable” due to security gaps, but swapped them at upgrade time to save out of pocket deductibles, leaving me with none in inventory.

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thanx for information, Joe. didn’t realize all that. altho everything you say does make sense. So, again thanx for enlightening me. fyi, they didn’t take my old pump. not sure why. maybe being on medicare? thanx again, take care, have fun, blessings, dave

no problems @go2dave yes MM didn’t offer to take back my 751 either (still using it out of warranty) … maybe the market changed. they used to take back my pumps, refurbish them and use them for medicare and for “loaners”.

I see many charities that accept and pass on to those in need many prescription items, feeding pumps, iv, syringes all require a script to get initially, the FDA would be the agency that regulates CGMs and insulin pumps and they have no info that says anything about a used or secondary market for medical devices, the law in very clear on administering of devices or selling drugs, but medical devices are a special category and are called durable medical devices for a reason, don’t let the capitalist business folks slow down your desire to experiment with reprogramming a insulin pump to be better.

Thanks, Dave. I’ll keep looking. I’ll let you know if I find anything.