Anyone have the DexCom CGM?

We just got the Dexcom today for my daughter.  I think I read somewhere some people use it longer than 7 days? Is that true and do you just restart the 2 hr start up without changing it? Or do I just use it for the 7 days?  Any help or advice would b e great.

Thanks Penny

I do. When I get near the end of the life of my sensor or when it "expires" I either stop the sensor and hit start new sensor or just hit new sensor when the time expires. You do have to wait for the two hour start up again. The past two sensors I have been using have gone a little loopy once I restarted them, it could be coincidence or something else. Just make sure that sometimes after the 7 day point the sensor could be off. I have had some last the full fourteen days, but others fail after 8, 9, or 10 days. Also with me the tape tends to start to fail usually around day seven depending on my activity and how many showers I take. I might suggest if you run into that problem looking into a waterproof adhesive tape to hold the top of the sensor tape down.

i use minimed, but you can wear it for more than 7 days, but mine has botheres me when 6 days are over

As soon as your sensor times out, you simply start new session. I tend to get 14-18 days out of mine but thats average (some only 10-11). I would say 90% of my sensors last that long. Its not FDA approved as the studies only utilized the sensor for 7 days. Data toward the end tends to get less reliable. However, I've found that the data quality doesn't decrease until day 15 or 16 at least. This is one of the great advantages of Dexcom. I think any of the systems would allow you to extend the life but most of the sensors don't have enough reagent to last more than twice the length of the sensor life. Hence, a 3-day sensor might get you 6-7 days or a 5 day sensor get 10-11 days. Dexcom is easily 14-18 and I've even had one last 20 days.

I'm so glad people are discussing this, because this is the CGM I'm most likely getting in the coming weeks.  I have a Deltec Cozmo pump that needs to be replaced, and I'm planning to go with the Animas Ping pump and the Dexcom CGM.  Has anyone used these two together and have any insight?  Does the sensor get itchy after a few days?  That happens right now with my pump infusion set, and I'm just afraid it will be that way with the CGM's set, too.

Hi Kim -


I'm using the two together (they're independent right now) and love both. I actually had the Cozmo and went to Minimed for integrated CGM capability.  Then 1/2 way through my warranty, I switched to the PING and have not regretted it. I've not noticed any sensor itchiness and wear the sensors for 2 weeks. However, you might have skin that's more sensitive. The adhesive is different than the infusion sets though as it lasts 7 days easily. Its much more adherent than the infusion sets. 

As with anything, there is a learning curve. Switching pumps is kind of a pain - and the new pump never seems fantastic at first because the programming and terminology is so different. The same goes for CGM - its a novel technology and takes time to figure out. Though people feel comfortable with it immediately, there are glitches here and there and it takes about 3-6 months to have a true feel for it.


Thanks for all the insight.  I do have another question - it appears that the CGM has an alarm that goes off when you go below a certain number... does this have a vibrate mode?  Or will everyone at work know when my blood sugar is low, due to the loud beeping?  :(

You can set the alarm to sound when you hit a certain number. But it also has a silent mode in which it will vibrate. However if you happen to ignore the vibrations it will beep even if you turn it to vibrate only. You can also turn it off.

Whew!  That is great to hear... thanks!  Again!


I am having the hardest time just getting my sensor to stick for 2 or 3 days. Where do you put yours? I just got some samples of all sorts of different skin preps that are suppose to make them stick better but the last sensor I put in was already coming off just a few hours after I put it on. I’ve used tape without any success, the poly-skin stuff works great but my skin turns bright red under it.

Tara I have never had major issues with sensors falling off. I mean there were some issues in the summer with heat and sweat cuasing the sensor to come loose as the tape would break down. Where are you putting your sensor? When you use the skin preps do you let them dry off, same with if you use alcohol prep pads, do you let the area dry completely before sticking the sensor on. Lastly, Do you use any type of skin lotion, Vaseline Intensive Care, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and the like? Because that makes your skin nice and soft but also due to it being oily, has adverse affects against the tape sticking for the sensor.

Brian- I put them on my stomach, same places as my pump, which surprisingly I have to pry off me when it’s time to change it. I have super sensitive/dry skin so I did not think I would have this problem. I really need to get the guts to try to wear my CGM on my arm! I let the skin prep dry and I don't use any body wash or lotion on that area.

Ah - the bane of sensor adhesive. Undoubtedly, this is the life limiting component of sensor use. The technical support people and Dexcom representatives will advise adhesive augmentation with preps such as SkinTac or Mastisol. However, if the sensor won't stay on you, this is unlikely to make a huge difference. Though they are indeed waterproof, the adhesive tends to break down for some people. I would imagine it has something to do with personal physiology. With Dexcom's original system, the 3-day system, included what were termed "shower covers," which were pieces of saran-wrap like material (similar to the covering for IVs if you've ever had one) with a super strong adhesive around the perimeter. Oval in shape, these shower covers will completely block your sensor adhesive from any moisture. This makes a tremendous difference for adhesive life for ALL sensors. I place a shower cover over my sensor (now the Seven Plus system) immediately after insertion and only change the cover when it starts to come off (usually 7 or 10 days). When 14 or 17 days are up and my sensor is dead, off it goes. 

It works tremendously well. I believe you still must order the shower covers through Dexcom and might have to call for them. If they no longer carry them, ask your local representative for them (even if they live a great distance away, they could mail it). Shower covers cost $5 for 10 covers.

Another advantage of these shower covers is that they smooth the contour of the sensor so its not tugged at by clothing or as obvious with fitted clothes.

And for sensors falling off, be certain to call Dexcom with each one that falls off before day 7 as they will replace it free of charge. ANY sensor that fails or falls off or is not working prior to day 7 will be replaced if its within expiration date and the troubleshooting has been performed.


Thanks Hayley! I ordered them yesterday from Dexcom, I'm exctied to try them.


Have you had any luck with the shower covers? Have you gotten them yet? Let me know. I am tempted with this as well. Just to prolong my sensor a little better. My last sensor went 13.5 days before the tape finally gave way on me. (I am very happy with the 13.5 days, btw, but if I can ensure that all the adhesive stays on I would be happier) If I can keep the tape from dissolving so quickly it might be good. Thanks.

Hi Brian- sorry for the late reply. I tried the shower covers for the first time last night. They took about a week to ship and cost about $20 for 10 of them. I'll let you know how they work in a few days, but so far (after one shower) they are working great!  The real test will be when I go to the gym tonight! I’ll keep you updated.