Anyone have Wii Fit?

I just bought Wii fit, and I am wondering who else has it and if you use it as another form of exercise and how do you like it?


I have Wii fit and I love it.  My wife uses it way more than I do because she loves yoga.  It's just a nice interactive exercise tool to have around the house.  I could use it more some weeks/months, though... especially for the $$.  All in all though, I'm really happy I bought it.

I have one, it is very fun. I use it as part of my workout routine, my personal favorites are the balance games. As you add more minutes in your time bank, you'll unlock new items. Be prepared to sweat !! You'll have to let us know what your Wii Fit age is when you set up your profile initially. Mine was 55 yrs. the first time I did it, lol. I've improved to 33, only 3 years off my real age of 30. Have fun and enjoy !

I have Wii Fit and although I enjoy it, I definitely don't get enough use out of it, especially when the weather is nice and I'm outside more.  I bought it primarily as an alternative to joining a gym because due to a few factors, a gym membership was not a viable option for me.  I like the cardio section the best; I know that's what I really need to work on and I like the competitive approach that the Wii presents. 

Yeah - I have it and like it - I think I get a better workout from the new EA Active though.  I didn't think it was going to be much but you are definitely dripping sweat after 30 min.  You might want to have a couple extra tension bands though.  The one that comes with the pack is pretty easy so I use others.  You can also use the active with the fit balance board which makes it fun.

I've been contemplating getting Wii Fit as well.  These comments are basically the norm from what I've been hearing.  Mostly good things.  So Doug, you think that the new EA Sports Active is really better?  That's probably the first I've heard that.  

On a side note, has anyone played the new Tiger Woods 10 w/the new Wii Motion Plus?  I can't wait to get that game!

I have Wii Fit too and I love the step aerobics...I also love the balance game where you have to get the marbles into the holes by moving your body around.  I should probably use it more than I do, but now that you brought it up maybe I will use it tonight!  :o)

Hey Matt - I don't know if it is better as much as it is different.  I just like the fact that it will lead you through exercises not having to switch from exercise to exercise and each day is different.  I tend to lean toward the same things on the Fit.  Having said that I still really like the Fit and use both.  I love the Yoga.  Maybe I also lean toward Active because it doesn't tell me I'm obese like the Fit! LOL  Overweight a few lbs, sure - not close to obese.  It also has a more normal looking person to follow.  Anyway, I like and use both, I'm just getting a better workout right now with the Active.

i am jealous. if i had the money i'd get a Wii again so I could buy the fit and yoga games(I entered in a contest at the walk yesterday for one..I hope i get it!! lol). my coworker has it and she says it's a lot of fun.

OMG my Wii fit age is 43! My husband is 44 LOL its so funny... We now have fat Mii's... it cracked me and my hubby up last night.

Was it fun!? Did you get a killer workout??? I just told my bf I wanted one as my next gift.... dunno when but I will try to get one!!


I sweat more than I sweat at the gym its so weird because I didn't feel like I was working that hard. Anyway, my friend brought over the Jillian Michaels Wii workout and OMG I did 10 minutes and I was sweating, dripping sweat actually. I am going to do more tomorrow and let you guys know how that works out!


Besides borrowing games from friends, you can also rent them from a video store before deciding to buy or not!

i have the wii fit and my little brother and i like it. i like doing the running part of it, except if you start going to fast your person falls on their face. haha. i like how it has the different varieties of games, like balance and aerobics.



I heard the Biggest Loser game wasn't that good, it was only rated like 1 out of 5 stars or something like that...?

i love the wii fit! the 1st time i did it my wii fit age was 13, just perfect1

Alyssa its not biggest loser its Jillian Michaels Boot camp. Awesome! kicks my butt! I sweat like you wouldnt believe!

I have a Wii Fit -- LOVE it. I also have balance board compatible games which are also fun. Raving Rabbids (hilarious games) has a balance board game where you ski on your bum. So fun.

My aunt has one. I'll tell you one thing it will kick your butt into shape! The first time I took my age it was like 50 something. I took it again and it was down to 14! Yay! I sweat alot too Gina. I sweat all the time. I guess I'm liek my dad! lol.

I have a Wii Fit and I love it ~ Hula Hoop is out of control!!! It definately works the core...  you will see improved stomach muscles in a week if you do it regularly.  Have fun - my longest ski jump is 189 meters... can you beat that???  *grinning*