Anyone Here Originally Misdiagnosed as a Type 2?

I was first told I had Type 2 diabetes when I was diagnosed at 23, later to find out I had Type 1.5, which eventually turns into Type 1. Check out this article on the topic: Type 1.5 Diabetes Often Misdiagnosed as Type 2

Any others out there with a similar story? 

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I had a classmate in grad school misdiagnosed as T2, but she had T1 (not even 1.5). Her general doc didn't send her to an endo, but just assumed as someone over 18, it was T2. (Exactly why it's not called juvenile diabetes anymore!). She wasn't overweight, had no family history of T2, was in her early 20's... The endo told her this happens often. Luckily, she had me to strongly encourage her to get a 2nd opinion!! I was freaking out because she wasn't put on insulin and was running in the 300's...