Anyone here read the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld?

I read the first book, Uglies, last year and was is Pretties and that was great also....then ther is Specials and that was action-packed greatness....then the final book is Extras, but it was kind of a letdown... a disappointment for me. It had all new characters and then the old characters were mixed in in the middle.... but anyway i don't want to spoil it for people who have not yet read it but... its great science fiction-y reading. they are pretty action packed with love and friendship craziness mixed in....well anyone read these books??

by the way.. if you read the books (all of them) you will know what my signature means... "You see, freedom has a way of destroying things." :)

I read Uglies and got halfway through Pretties before school took over my life, but I really want to finish the series!

i read the whole series, well, all but the extras. i heard so many bad comments about it, that i got bored anyways and decided not 2 read it. i dont mind spoilers tho..... lol

wow carrie and brittany!! i figured nobody would reply or look at this post!

carrie--when you find the time to relax, the series is totally worth finishing!! especially if you liked the first book...

brittany--extras really wasn't that bad, just boring and a bit confusing. i thought it was stupid that they didn't tell you that it was taking place 3 yrs after specials ended...but if you really want to know, the book takes place 3 years after the "mind-rain" (where tally and the other specials cure the pretty lesions). its about this 15 year old girl aya fuse. she is a "kicker" or aspiring journalist. she has this hovercam named moggle who she uses all the time. she gets pictures and footage of a clique of pretties and one famous hoverball player "surfing" mag-lev trains on hoverboards. she gets caught by them and they force her to drop moggle in an underground lake and become one of them (they hate fame and being well-known). they call themselves the sly girls and when aya is on her second "surfing" trip with them, the train mysteriously stops and three inhuman figures come out and open up a hidden door in the tunnel. the sly girls have never seen this before, and neither has aya. so they decide to go to that spot the next day and investigate where the inhuman figures were going. they find tons and tons of metal cylinders in a big room, and they think that, since the city is on a metal shortage, this metal is part of a plot to launch an attack on the city. aya secretly uses moggle to get footage of the metal (she rescued him from the lake) and starts to put together her story. the next time aya and the sly girls meet up, they tell her that they knew she was a kicker all along and are letting her kick their story of the surfing and "city killer". when she does, she gets a ping from none other than tally youngblood saying "run and hide." tally is the most famous person in the world, so aya is surprised yet nervous. tally, shay, and fausto arrive and take aya, her brother, her boyfriend and her brother's friend to get captured by the inhumans on purpose. when they do, they are taken to their homeland, and on the way they knock the inhumans unconscious. they then travel through the jungle to meet david. they sneak around and find somewhere to stay while tally, shay, and fausto go out to destroy the inhumans' ships, but aya follows after they leave and the rest of the gang follows her lead. they meet andrew simpson smith, and he mistakes aya for tally. the inhumans explain to them that they are using the metal for building space stations and other rockets and to stop the humans from expanding. they call themselves extras. the problem now is that tally and shay are destroying all of their work and they have to stop them. everyone ends up safe and aya is the 3rd most famous person in the world. she then attends a party for the most famous people where she sees the sly girls, who have become famous themselves. the book ends with a final prank by the sly girls : when the cake is cut, it will explode everywhere.


thanks for replying!!!

Yes! It was a fantastic series :)

i love thoes books