Anyone here with CF?

 I started an odd "side journey" about a week and a half ago.  It made me think of something that had been at the back of my mind for years: Cystic Fibrosis.  Why has this been on my mind?  I have had asthma all my life.  I've had some really bad years and some really good years. I've had sinus issues chronically and had to have sinus surgery in 2008 (which was one of the best decisions ever). I have had unexplained infertility and abdominal/intestinal issues. I developed type 1 diabetes at age 27.

So a week ago Monday I was on Facebook getting an update on my h.s. friend's 2 year old who has CF.  I remarked to my husband, how unfair this perfectly beautiful child would have such a shortened life (as in the 90s I remember hearing the CF life expectancy was til early 30s). Then I caught myself...and thought...actually I haven't heard much about CF in years and maybe research has afforded a longer life span. So I googled CF and found the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and stumbled immediately into forums.  I clearly didn't understand the disease and immediately found postings from people who were diagnosed AS ADULTS.  So I thought HOW ODD especially since my mom repeatedly said I was such a sickly child with so much mucous they thought I had CF but the doc just said to pat me on the back a bunch and I'd be fine so they never pursued any testing (and this was military docs in Alaska).  So I called my mom after I found these articles and learned that adult onset diabetes can be caused by CF and YES you can be GAD antibody positive if you have CF caused DM!! 

1 Signs and symptoms (all these things I have issues with)

Anyone have this or suspect they may have it? I talked to my PCP and we decided it would be a long shot but that I could have CF in a milder form and that I'd want to know before I decided on having children.  I have my sweat test tomorrow! I'm nervous now because this could be the WHY for everything I've ever had....what a weird idea that it could be all based on this one thing that my mom had a gut instinct about all those years ago before they tested newborns...

Good luck! I have a friend whose 4 year old has CF. She heard of one woman who was maybe in her 40's and always had some type of cough, and she tested positive for CF as an adult, so it definitely could happen.

I work in a children's hospital with patients with CF. I have worked with patients with CF for 12 years so I know a lot about the ins and outs of CF. Many of my patients develop CF-related diabetes as teenagers, some even younger. The current average lifespan is in the later 30's. It is possible to get diagnosed at a later age, especially if you have milder symptoms. Good luck with the sweat test!

Thanks for your responses. Part of me felt silly for being tested but I got the sweat test today...we'll see what it says!  What an odd little test....some tens like unit zapping your arm, then wiping the circle where it was zapped with something then placing this coil over the area to collect the sweat for 30 minutes.  The tech was cool and explained everything to me and says it only takes like 2 hours to get the test results and he does it himself on site.  So my doc will know today but since it's a friday I'm sure I won't know til next week, especially if it is negative!

Well I guess I have my answer: NEGATIVE sweat test! So back to all coincidental illnesses/diseases/syndromes :-)

Interestingly My 10 year old with type 1 had a suspicious ultrasound back before she was born. They said it could be CF so my wife had an amnio and it turned out negative. I wonder if was really could have been type 1 showing up. I think now days they don't even do an amnio for the thing that showed up. It was called an echogenic bowel. Meaning her digestive system reflected more than usual.

Very interesting. I am still going to have the dna/gene testing for mutations as there could still be a mutation related disease process PLUS I want to do it before I go through fertility treatments.  I guess I was just looking for a tidy explanation for the health trauma that has been my life lol.  So how is your daughter's health otherwise now? Does she have any bowel issues or breathing issues?

Congrats on getting the negative sweat test back! I agree with you and would get the DNA sent.