Anyone in the Los Angeles up for a ride?

Hi everyone.  I've recently got into riding a road bike for exercise after training for the tour de cure.  I really want to get to the point where I can do one of the Ride to Cure Diabetes 100 mile rides.  While riding is great for me, sometimes it can get boring and I'm hoping to find someone else in my area that might be up for a ride here and there on a weekend or early afternoon.  If anyone is up for it, just respond so we can talk. Be well!

I definitely would if I lived around there, I am training right now for the Cyclebetes AB Provincial Relay. 1200km across Alberta.  Needless to say I have a lot of biking to do this summer.

good for you!  how far is your leg of the race?  i did 50 miles for the tour de cure and got addicted.  do you know i had over 200 grams of carbs during that ride and just my basal rate going at 50% and still finished wtih a bg of 92!  keep thinking that if I ride a bike all the time - i wouldn't need much insulin  LOL   how far are you riding?  will you have to do many climbs?

Well we are a 10 person team, and two people riding on a tandem bike at a time.  We are going 24/7 to try and finish in 2 and a half days.  When we are not riding on the tandem we can be in the RV resting/eating or we can ride our own bike.  I will likely end up riding my own bike most of the time I am not on the tandem.  So I guess how much I bike depends on how much I ride my own, but I will be doing at the very least 1/5 of that 1200 km.  We are riding through the mountains, so there will definitely be some decent climbs.  I have never ridden a tandem before, or a road bike for that matter!  I am going to have to rent one to get used to it.  I really love xc mountain biking, so that's what kind of bike I have and I usually do single-track trail rides with it.  I have been biking on the road though to train.  Nice job on the 50 mile!  I am going to have to get a sugar pump for my ride hahaha.  I barely take any basal anyways (3 units of Lantus).  So I will probably take none for those few days and put some juice in my Camel Bak for riding!  Did you do anything like this for your ride?

Wow - that will be a trek to be sure! -  All I can say is train train train.  I only started about 6 weeks before I did my ride and like you all I had was my mountain bike so I went out and got a road bike - it was so much easier.   I'm not sure if you are on a pump or not but what I do is just cut the rate in 1/2 -  also not on a CGM so I just tested at rest stops to make sure -  I usually add just watter wtih some electrolite replacement powder in my Camel Bak - any brand of the powder will do - I also have 2 -  24 oz water bottles full of an energy drink which keeps my sugars normal when I need it through the ride.  I  keep extra cliff bars and gel packs in the CB in case I need it - the cliff bars seem to come in handy during the ride to keep me fueled.   I know - sounds like a lot but you can never be too careful - spec if you are out on a ride by yourself, which I often am.    I'm excited for you - it sounds like a very fulfilling endeavor!  The hardest part for me was learning how to shift during the climbs... once I got that down it was a matter of building up my endurance.   When is the ride?  Do you need sponsors?  Don't know how much I can do but every little bit helps!

It's going to be so exciting though!  Yah I can imagine not pushing the big 26x2.15 tires around will be a lot easier haha.  If I train a bunch on my mountain bike then rent a tandem road bike for a week or two before my ride I should be in pretty good shape.  Unfortunately I am a student and can't afford a road bike, so I will be riding on my mountain bike when I am not on the tandem.  I'm not on a pump, but I am looking at getting one!!  What kind of pump are you on?  Good suggestions for the biking, thanks!  I usually carry lots of sugar with me for any type of exercise I do, especially if I am off hiking or biking in the mountains where it's remote.  The ride is on the September long weekend up here, September 6-8th.  It's really cool actually because the bike starts in Newfoundland and travels East to West across all of Canada.  Each province has it's own team and it's basically a huge bike relay!  If you are interested in sponsoring you can go directly to my donations page at: or you can check out more about the ride at  No pressure to donate though!  And you are right, every little bit helps! 

When are you thinking about doing your 100 mile?

I will definitely check out your donation page this weekend!  I am not sure yet which ride I will do.  None of the rides are near me so I would really need to raise enough for one of the packages so I have a place to stay which means raising another $3000 and I just raised a bunch for the last ride - I'd like to do either the one Sept.  5th - in Whitefish Montana - near Glacier National Park or the one in Death Valley, Calif. on Oct 17th.  -  I'll prob decide in about a  month and see how my training goes (still working out some shoulder issues).  The Death Valley one would be interesting - it's the weekend before my 40th b-day.  That would be a great way to celebrate it!  Talking to a couple of college friends who might want to do it with me - or at least I'm trying to force them!  My wife would go for support, but she's not into the riding.  I am nervous about it to be flat out honest - sometimes it feels like the body doesn't want to go anymore - trying to break through that so I'm training and giving it some time.  I'll make the decision soon though!

That sounds awesome!  Fundraising is definitely tricky.   That would be cool if your friends did it with you, it's always so much easier with the support!  Just listen to your body, and but keep pushing it too.  I am often surprised my body handles all the things I push it through!  Let me know when you decide and good luck with your training:)!

Hi Heather -

How's your training going?  I went for a long ride on Sat and Sun.  I think convinced myself to do the 100 mile ride in death valley in October.   I'll have plenty of time to train so there won't be any excuses now!

On that note - if anyone else is reading this and is going to join that ride - let me know! 

Training is going well!!  Skipped the highway biking for a mountain bike on Saturday, so it was really nice to get out.  Congrats on talking yourself into it!  You will do awesome!  Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Hi Chrissy-

Inhalable insulin was available in the United States form September 2006-October 2007. The first product was called Exubera and was delivered through an inhaler. This insulin was only for bolus purposes, and patients would still have to take a shot of long acting insulin (lantus etc.). Reviews showed that the inhaled insulin was as effective as injected insulin but the cost was too high and Exubera never got enough customers. So it was discontinued.

Full article here:

Personally, I had heard about it on the news but never saw a commercial, nor was told about it from my doctor.

Exubera is out... discontinued... but AFRESA is in.  It's really not a spray, but it is another version of inhaled insulin.

AFRESA is in Phase III clinicals and could be available in a year.  It's a short acting insulin, comparable to humalog/novolog.

one of our members, Sarah,  is involved with the clinical trial.  the thread is here

maybe you could contact her.

wow i will like to try that.

[quote user="eric"]

wow i will like to try that.


wow.  that's wierd...  I though you just said "me i will never try it" 

whats up eric.????

a insulin spray i will give a try & if it is in clinical trials i think it is ok.

[quote user="eric"]

a insulin spray i will give a try & if it is in clinical trials i think it is ok.


Eric, clinical trials means they are still testing it, but it hasn't been approved by the FDA yet. I'm not discouraging you from joining a clinical trial -- they're important -- but it doesn't mean the drug is safer.

i did not know that well thanks for telling me & maybe i will join it.

Thanks Joe!! I'll be happy to provide any info about the Afresa clinical trials for those who are interested!! Anyone, feel free to reply back or send me a message!!! :)