Anyone into Cosplaying on here?

Hello! I’ve been a T1D for 15 years and have been Cosplaying for 8 of that…but I just got onto the Insulin Pump with a CGM…anyone have any pointers? Or if you’d just like to talk!

Hi Megan @Nekota, first let me offer a Welcome to TypeOneNation! This is a place for you to meet many people like you who are living with diabetes, and a place for you to ask questions and offer support.

I suggest that when you ask for pointers, that you be a little bit more specific. Instead of saying THE pump, say what brand and model you are using - I’ve used four different pumps and among members here there could be close to a dozen models in use.

I currently use a Tandem t-slim x2 with Basal IQ and a DexCom G5 CGM - previously I used three MiniMed [Medtronic pumps and also experimented with a glucose monitor that wasn’t worth keeping. I’d love to talk with you - I can share what has and has not worked for me while living with diabetes for more than 60 years.

I started cosplaying much more recently - only in 2016 - and I only started my pump recently too! A lot of my cosplays tend to be characters with pants/leggings of some sort, and I’m thinking for pictures it’d be easy enough to clip it somewhere in the back where it doesn’t show. What sort of characters have you done? and what cons do you usually go to?