Anyone join Weight Watchers and had success with T1D?


I recently got to my heaviest and needed a structured program (along with my endocrinology dept)to loose the weight and I joined WW. The only problem I have is the more I exercise, the more "lows" I get and therefore have to eat something with some sugar and protein (points).

Any suggestions are welcome...


You're going to have to seek your doctor to really help you out.  However, you didn't specify if you are using a pump or on MDI.  If on the pump, you're going to probably have to reduce your temp. basal during your workouts (and know that you can't just reduce your insulin the minute you start to workout, you have to reduce it before-hand... I wait an hour since the change of insulin won't start reacting in your body until about an hour... that's what my nurse told me at least).  Since you're losing weight, maybe you even have to lower your overall basal.  You have to ask yourself what are your readings before you workout and learn how different types of exercises affect your body.  While one type of exercise may decrease your BS, there may be others that actually increase them.  So be checking your levels throughout your workouts at first.  It all depends on what your situation is.  However, tampering with your insulin is a delicate issue that may require at least a phone call to your clinic, since you don't want anything to happen during one of your workouts.

I'm not sure how helpful this was, and unfortunately I'm not on WW, but I hope it brought some ideas to get rid of those lows!  Hopefully someone else can answer as well :)

Hello! I have tried everything under the sun to lose with, like WW, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc and I've had some success with all of the programs. Each have their positives and negatives. I really like Weight Watchers since you are held accountable every week by having come to come in for class/weigh in. Also, they teach you basic nutrition principles/tips that you can use in everyday life. You will need to keep a watch on your insulin since you may be eating less/more than you previously were. Make sure to check your glucose often to prevent any lows. As we all know, weight loss and type 1 diabetes aren't the best match in the world. But, if you can monitor your sugars while watching portions/calories and exercising, I feel as if weight loss with diabetes is possible! In terms of exercise, depending on what type of activity you are doing, you may need to put a temporary basal on. I usually check my sugar about 1 hour before I exercise to gauge what to do with my pump. I will usually start a temporary basal around 50%-75% for 1 hour before I workout. Then, when I get to the gym, I will either suspend my pump (depending on what my glucose is) or I will start another 30-50% temporary basal for 1 hour. Unfortuently, one thing that works for me may not work for you. Therefore, this is a trial and error process. Make sure to have glucose tabs and granola bars on hand to handle a low. I'm starting to train to run a half marathon so lately I've been drinking gaterade and water while I workout in order to maintain a normal glucose level. Hope that helps, good luck!