Anyone on Afrezza?

Saw my endo today & noticed a poster about inhaled insulin, afrezza. I asked him how his patients like it & he says they really like it but his biggest obstacle has been insurances not covering it since its new. My insurance will so I would love to hear if anyone is on it? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

My endo said he has 3 patients on it. One of them now has blood sugars that seem level all of the time, no after meal spikes. One he hasn’t seen since she started it, and the third hasn’t really seen a difference. He won’t put me on it yet (even though I would like to try it) because in the original study 3 people (out of 2600) got lung cancer. He doesn’t know if it is related and he says its just too soon to tell if that will be a risk of taking the inhaled insulin. We are going to talk about it again at my next appointment in 6 months.

I was in a trial for inhaled insulin for three years and it worked great for me. I had been on injections for 50 years and boy, was it a relief to inhale this nifty powder. I’m not on it now because my insurance doesn’t cover it yet but will in four months and I am hopping back on it. I know about the 0.01% of
users who developed lung cancer but two of them were former smokers and it didn’t scare me. I had a slight side effect of throat-clearing after an inhale
but it wasn’t chronic or inflamed ever.

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